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  1. My name is Frank Hastings, Partner at Vitalboards and Vital-ICE. I am well worth your time and I’m reaching out to a few bloggers in the Fire Dept. arena and EMS field to make them aware of Vitalboards and Vital-ICE! Please take 3 minutes to check out Vitalboards at and get back with me. The one thing you won’t see in the video is the Vital-ICE App. This app is free to the public and is brandable with the fire dept or ems. This app is the life saving app that presents first responders with health history, medications, allergies, blood type, ICE contact and much much more! I would be honored that if you choose to pick up this blog, to make your very own branded company app for distribution via your blog or through your website! Please hit me back, would like to send samples etc. Frank Hastings 1-800-577-1703 Ext. 101

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