In a lot of the industry publications I read about Battalion Chiefs talking about getting back to the “bread and butter” operations we deal with. I get that on the superficial level, meaning drill what you have, not what you might someday encounter.

Throw a ladder, tie a knot, move a charged line around a parking lot. The basics. But then some of the articles go deeper into a concept of the “first due fire” or what your first alarm area holds in store for you. The emphasis is on pre-planning and identification of life hazards prior to a fire. I get that as well.

But it got me wondering. What is your bread and butter fire? What is the structure type most likely to get you working today? Ranch style residential detached? Multi-story type 1 multifamily dwelling?

I’m not sure how this will work, but I want to give it a try. Send me a picture, or link, to a picture of your bread and butter type structure. It doesn’t HAVE to be in your jursidiction, but a fair and accurate representation of it. Include in the email what your first alarm assignment is if someone reported that structure to be “on fire.”

I’m curious to see what kind of bread and butter is out there.

Hit me up at thehappymedic over at gmail. Maybe if I get enough response we’ll do some virtual “burns” and see how Boston fights a Phoenix fire and a volunteer squad responds to a worker in Los Angeles. Could be fun.