Time and Relative Dimension in Space

If you don’t understand why bowties and fezs are cool, this post will make no sense.

But feel free to give it a shot.


The Doctor – The last of the Timelords who stole the TARDIS and ran away.

TARDIS – Time and Relative Dimension in Space.  A craft that can travel through space and time who stole a Timelord and ran away.


To understand the relationship the Doctor has with the Tardis just think 100 times more intense than the relationship Mal has with Serenity.  If that made no sense, just go back to whatever rock you live under.

A friend on the Facebook linked to a blog called saralinwilde which comments on a fandom costume.  THE fandom costume.

Tardis Dress




When they’re alone, the Doctor often refers to the Tardis as Sexy.  This fits.

The woman in the dress is reported to be Sasha Trabane, who is also the designer and seamstress.

There have been dozens of amazing Tardis dresses in the fandom culture, but this one goes so far beyond expectations it stopped me in my tracks.

The dress is perfect before the addition of the panel.  You see, non Whovians, the Tardis is a phone box on the outside, but that is just a cloaking device.  It’s bigger on the inside.

That’s a running joke on the show, that folks that first see inside comment that it’s bigger on the inside.

Not a running joke are some of the comments the dress, and it’s designer/occupant are getting as the image makes the rounds.

I won’t mention them here, other than to say there are some lonely men with warped concepts of beauty.  They see the dress as something covering a girl.

I see someone who loves the Doctor as much as I do.  No, more.

The creativity, the skill, the sheer LOVE that went into making that dress, putting it on and going out is something to admire, to encourage, to emulate.  It may sound odd, but it took me a few moments to notice the girl wearing the Tardis Blue dress with the kick ass panel.

As someone who ran 12 kilometers in a full suit, bow tie and suspenders, this girl, Sasha, puts me in my place.


Don’t listen to the internet trolls Sasha, listen to that voice in your head that guided you to make that amazing dress and  continue to kick ass.


A Renovation Reality

I love watching a show called Renovation Realities on DIY Network.  It usually shows a couple who want to remodel their house on their own to save a few bucks and it usually ends in a half done job.  I’m not sure if I like it because I do a pretty good job at finishing my projects at home or because it’s just a train wreck when they make mistakes like not knowing how to use a saw or not measuring the cabinets properly.


One guy was in the lower floor of a duplex and wanted to remodel his kitchen.  He had wanted to for a long time.  The kitchen was working OK, but the appliances weren’t laid out in the most efficient manner and a lot needed to be updated.

For years he had been told by the homeowner’s association that remodeling the kitchen the way he wanted wouldn’t work.  One day he got a chance to remodel it and put his plan into action.

Bright and early one morning he was ready to start demolition.  Little bits went well, adjusting certain things to get ready for the big remodel.

The cabinet makers came by to measure exactly what he needed.  The flooring rep was in constant contact about his needs, even the folks that make the appliances were on site to help in any way they could.

Then the demo started.

And stopped as soon as the first hammer hit the wall where the stove was to go.

Behind the drywall was brick.  It didn’t show on the plans, but there it was.  A wall.  A thick one.  Initially he blamed the homeowner’s association, but he slowly realized it wasn’t them who put the wall there, but the folks that built the house in the first place.  Curious to learn more he listened carefully to the HOA describe why the wall was there and shook his head.  The wall was built so that the two units could share supplies easily in case of a disaster.  It seemed easy enough to just close it off, put in some beams and keep going, but then he looked around the brick structure and noticed that all the eletcrical, gas and HVAC conduits came into the duplex through the bricks and taking it down would mean completely restructuring both units, something the upstairs neighbors would never consider.


So he sat down in the kitchen, single hole in the wall, and all the appliance and flooring folks asking when he plans to have the new kitchen ready.

He refers all their calls to the HOA now, even though they’ve been through this with the HOA numerous times.  The kitchen is still working, they don’t love it, but they were able to make a few adjustments and that will have to do for now.


He just wished the units were completely split.


Neat show.

Moving In

Well hi there!  You seem to have found the future new home of the Happy Medic!  Please pardon the dust as we’re getting things ready for you.  Elements moving, text changing sizes, heck the entire theme may change.


Just stay calm, there will be word when we’re ready to bring all your favorite content over.


So sit back and relax, grab a fresh home brew, put your feet up and wait for the word.



This is a remarkably long title and likely not to be used on a daily basis

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Mile High Opportunity

Right smack dab in the middle of my crazy 30 days was an opportunity to come here to Zoll Summit and present the first position argument for EMS 2.0.

As much as it has been pulled apart, scrutinized and criticized, the core message of looking at why we do what we do was very well accepted by the audience here in Denver.  Supervisors, Chiefs, practitioners, designers and marketers all sat down and listened to that crazy blog guy and his UK buddy explain what EMS 2.0 means and why it has a chance to work this time.

Mark did a great job relating social media to the mission of improving EMS and the discussion that followed ended with one of the attendees asking where they could find a “user guide” on how to approach social media policies for departments.  Mark and I shared a “Well, duh…that’s a great idea!” moment and went on.

Soon after our session and the discussion we commandeered the main ballroom and it’s twin 25′ screens to fire up the first episode of the Chronicles.  It was after the last session so not too many folks turned out, but many times it isn’t the quantity, but the quality.

Soon after the show and a quick look at A Seat at the Table (thanks for the reminder Mic Gunderson) we found ourselves face to face with CEO of Zoll Rick Packer, our sponsor.  Fearing a “I never approved this” moment, we were welcomed with a warm smile and a hand shake, followed by a long discussion of the concepts we discussed in the show.

Zoll has been more than gracious in helping us spread the word of EMS 2.0 and Chronicles, even if I should be back in the room studying for the promotional exam.

This week has seen us debating EMS systems allocation with friends, Chris Montera and Steve Witehead to name a few, and sharing the idea of improving EMS.

Later today Mark and I will be attending a networking event where we hope to share the message even more.  Sorry for so few updates, we’re working on it!


You Make the Call…Day Off

ymtk-140x200Ah… a nice day off with the family.

Today you’ve decided to grab the kids and head into the City for some time at the Museum.  The crowds are thick on a beautiful spring morning and you navigate them with the skills of someone who has been through worse.

As you stand in line with another 250 patrons, wouldn’t you know it, the fire alarm  begins to sound.


Grabbing the little ones you make way with the others towards the exits and are rather impressed with the way folks are actually leaving the building.  On the way out, your little one asks if the fire trucks are coming.  Doing the quick math and having responded to an alarm at this particular building, you know the first due engine is only minutes away so you hurry along to the front of the building.

Outside everyone is asking everyone else what they think caused the alarm.

“Some kid playing with the alarm” someone says.

“What if they just needed to evacuate the building?” someone else asks.

Looking at your watch you realize the first due engine is past due and the alarm bell is still ringing.

10 minutes pass.

Then 15 minutes pass.

No sirens, no engine and everyone is still outside.

Do you step forward and if so, what do you say/do?  This is your response area on your days on duty and something isn’t right, but you have the family in tow.

What do you do?

You make the call.

Chronicles of EMS: Episode 2

Also posted at Chronicles of EMS .com HERE

This is mainly to get everyone to stop sending me emails on how to watch Episode 2 of the Chronicles of EMS.

We haven’t made it yet.

That isn’t to say there isn’t one, but keep in mind it costs nearly $10,000 to film an episode and Setla Films put together a knockout punch premiere for far less than that.

We have a ton of footage of me and Mark in the fire station, riding the engine and having in depth conversations about calls we showed you.  So in essence, if we put together a second episode from the SF adventure and held it to the same standards I would have to go back into the studio and re-record a lot of voice over to cover set ups and explanations of what was happening, otherwise it would be the Justin and mark interview show, which is currently under the name A Seat at the Table.

You have all been so wonderful in your acceptance and spreading of the first episode and it was indeed an amazing experience to make it, help prepare it and then release and share it with the world.

To put things in perspective, you are all the happy first time parents of this baby, the Chronicles of EMS, and we just rolled over for the first time.

You’re excited, the calendar has been marked and you’re calling all your friends to tell them what just happened.

Do you want to see us roll over again or start to crawl?

Crawl or walk?

Walk or run?

Run or race?

This is the beginning of a lot of firsts for us and for you the audience.  Feel free to keep emailing your thoughts and concerns to me (thehappymedic@gmail.com) and to Mark(mglencorse@yahoo.co.uk).  We not only welcome your comments but demand them because, after all, this is about community above all else.

We made 2000 facebook fans in 3 days while filming and the ning site is still gaining members.

Keep the word spreading and when the next episode comes out you won’t have to help us spread the word, just sit back, relax and enjoy.

So, in summation, we’re rolling over, you like it and we’re doing more and more every day. (Wait until you see what we’re trying to do for EMS Expo! I’ve said too much already)

If you want to see a new episode sooner, get on the phone to your ambulance salesman, equipment supplier and union rep to get in touch with us about sponsoring a trip to your system or a system you want to see.  You’d be amazed what magazines are charging these days for an ad that gets looked at once, then put away.  We offer a part in the future of EMS, all they have to do is think like Pepsi.

Haaaaaave you met Ted?

I apologize in advance for the formatting on this post, I worte it on the plane and wordpress’s HTML coding sucks so in the interest of spending more time with my now 4 year old, I give it to you raw.

“Have you met UK Paramedic Mark Glencorse?”

“Have you met Ted Setla?”

I have never before tried so hard to talk to people about something other than getting in the ambulance. It’s not easy to be a barker at these conventions.

Paul, who’s last name I am either forgetting or omitting for my own safety, from Zoll was the leader of the demonstration of the Zoll Rescue net system, who’s presentation was before Mark’s and my own.

He had great one liners and provoking questions that made passersby stop and wonder what the guy in the blue shirt was talking about. That was nice.

Just wandering the aisles at a trade show can seem awkward I’ve learned. As you wander, the folks from all the booths seem to come at you, quickly reading your name badge and asking you some strange question you’d rather not answer.

“What C-Collar does your system use?”

“Well, shoot, it seems to change all the time, why?”and they’ve got you. And they’re good at it, that’s why they’re there.

At EMS Today Baltimore, the Chronicles of EMS team was invited by Zoll to speak about the reality series and where the movement might go.

Charlotte, our Zoll contact, had arranged for a large amount of T-Shirts to be available to conference goers and they were a big draw. Trouble was we didn’t have a space in the booth, or any booth for that matter. Not sure exactly what we were, how we were to interact or what to do, we did what all Paramedics do, improvise and adapt.

A false wall curtain moved, literature stored and a quick ironing of a half dozen shirts up on hangers and POOF! Chronicles of EMS “booth.”

We were in front of the previously hidden storage room for the Zoll folks and they were constantly coming in to get more handouts and materials as they were quite popular.

So Mark and I took position in front of the 5′ wide gap in Zoll products and readied ourselves for the storm.

And this is where the really great part of social media comes in.

As faces approached we tried not to look at the name badges, but just introduce ourselves with a simple “Have you seen the Chronicles of EMS, the new EMS reality series?”

Surprisingly, most folks who wandered by said they had heard of it, or seen something about it, and not in that “Oh, sure I’d LOVE to see pictures of your great grand children”way, but in a “Finally someone can explain this to me”way.

So right there in the booth Mark Glencorse had wrangled a power source and extra monitor to show the episode on a loop. And folks took a look and asked more about it.

A 17 year old EMT student from New York State saw it.

His father, a retired Firefighter and social media skeptic saw it.

And they both wanted to learn more about it.

That is huge.

What else was huge, in my book at least, was the number of bloggers who made the travels to gather in Baltimore for the largest Fire and EMS Blogger meet up in the history of man.

At one point a familiar face wandered over and extended a hand and I shook it. The voice that came with it was none other than Ambulance Driver. Before I had a chance to express my joy in meeting a true beacon in EMS blogging he stepped aside and introduced me to another beacon, Too Old to Work, Too Young To Retire (TOTWTYTR or TOTW). My jaw was on the floor. Having my face all over the show makes me rather easy to spot, but some of the most closely kept secret identities in blogging came forward and said hello. It was amazing.

Even more amazing though was how they stepped back when folks would approach Mark and I and say “I read all the blogs and meeting you guys is so cool.” Mark and I shared an inside glance, then looked 10 feet back and wanted to say “Do you know who is standing right behind you? TOTW and Ambo Driver! Look quick!”

On the morning of the second day I was hurrying through the lobby of the hotel on my way to meet Mark to head for a full day of wrangling folks into the “booth”and share Chronicles. Coming my way through the throngs of high school students gathering for the Model UN Conference was the internet’s Red Headed EMS Stepchild, Chris Kaiser. As I said hello to him an oddly familiar face appeared behind him.

And something happened that would happen over and over again that day:

The second introduction.

You see, we really do live double lives. As I looked to the beautiful (and tall) woman I suddenly realized I was introducing myself to an old friend, Epijunky from PinkWarmandDry. We shared a smile and a hug as if we had not seen each other in years even though we had never met.

Friendships were not made here, they were experienced on a different level.

I offered a hand to a fellow approaching the booth with purpose, another man close behind. It was Fire Critic and Fire Daily, themselves having only met face to face after months of co-hosting a radio show together.

NateEMTB from twitter stopped by to say hello, as did MyrtLife and literally dozens of others who introduced themselves first with their names, then their identities. The names got a polite smiles, the identities a welcoming embrace.

Yes Mrs999 and MrsHappy, we did a lot of hugging. It comes with the territory.

But then there were the other folks stopping by the spot we carved out of the convention floor, a space not even big enough for 3 people to stand, so we stood in the aisle.

It was in this aisle that I had the first of many “Are you freaking kidding me?”moments.

“Hi Justin, Hi Mark. I really like what you guys are doing”said the brown haired man in the striped shirt.

“I’m Bryan Bledsoe.”

I’ve said it in this forum a good deal of times, but this truly was a



And I was a fanboy all week. Dr Bledsoe wandered by a number of times during our stay and always had a smile and a handshake to say hello.

It may be a bit late, but if you hate name dropping and fanboyism, you should go read Motorcop because I am about to go 14 year old on you.

I carried my Firegeezer mug on the plane so the baggage handlers wouldn’t damage it. I carried it and a red permanent pen each and everyday on the off chance I would bump into Mike Ward or the Fire Geezer himself to get it autographed. And I did. Both of them. Yup, I’m THAT kind of fan.

Throughout the show, we met people involved in all aspects of EMS and each level seemed interested in what we were doing, both in the show, with the blogs, EMS 2.0 and just saying hello and talking to folks.

I can not select a single moment that was my favorite but I have collected a few that stand out from EMS Today in Baltimore:

Meeting the inventor of the KED, over a beer.

Introducing myself to the Chief of EMS for FDNY who replies, “Yeah I know you guys.”

Talking systems allocation theory with an 18 year old EMT student from New Jersey (I forgot your name but if you read this email me, our talk is not over!)

Being interviewed by THE Dave Statter of Statter911.com who refuses to put me on channel 9.

When a twitter friend, 2 of them actually, accompanied other new friends to an Irish bar in the cold night air near closing time and then not letting me buy them a drink (I owe you squirrel and NJ)

Watching vendors realize the power social media has.

I can’t wait until Denver in April.