the Crossover Episode 13 – Gordon Graham

My partner in crime Motorcop has taken the cassette recorder from the Crossover Show locker and scored an interview with Law Enforcement expert and San Francisco native Gordon Graham.
Mr Graham served as a Motor Officer in Los Angeles for 10 years, my guess why the interview goes so well. Those motor guys stick together.

They discuss social media, the use of smart phones on the job and the risks that come with it. This is a no nonsense interview and my helmet is tipped to our Boy in Blue for a job well done. just make sure you rewind the tape and put the recorder back.

Episode 13

the Crossover – Episode 12 – Magical Mustache Ride

The boys are back and earning that itunes explicit tag early in Episode 12! We discuss why Justin thinks dying in a car crash should not be an LODD but something different, Motorcop reminds us about Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus, then pukes and why Justin can’t grow a mustache to save anyone’s life.

And extra points for naming my horrible impersonation in the opening bit!

Episode 12

the Crossover – Episode 11 – Captain Daddy

In this episode, we introduce a special guest that had a major influence in MC's life…CaptainDaddy! Happy picks his brain about getting out of the job "whole". We also chat about retirement systems, budgets and whether drivers of emergency vehicles should be referred to as such.

Episode 11

Epiosde 10 of the Crossover – Quit being stupid!

Happy and Motor are at it again, finally, and this time calling out some stupid things done by stupid people while representing EMS, fire and police. From the ambulance company who lost $1 million to the 27 year old DUI while driving a fire truck and a special comment from Motorcop about a narcotics officer in Happy’s area caught stealing and selling narcotics. Quit being stupid!


The Crossover – Episode 9

Sure, we taped the show two weeks ago. It took MC two weeks to limp his way through editing. But Huzzah! He finally got the job done. In this episode, HM and I talk about freeway lane closures, who’s in charge, and what happens when PD and Fire disagree.

We also take a couple more listener questions…remember, you can call with your question(s) at 313-451-HMMC. Want to know who figured out what 451 means? Listen to the show!


The Crossover Podcast Episode 8

Another installment of the blabbling on that is the World’s only crosspolinated podcast is back from the holiday break (we decide when those are, Sparky) and discuss scene safety versus a scene being secure and use the shooting in Tucson as a backdrop.

We also answer a listener question that was phoned in at 313-451-HMMC, which was our all requests oldies hot line, but is now just a drunk dial number for public safety folks to vent (when off duty of course).

So have a listen and let us know what you think about Medics carrying handcuff keys.

Episode 8 – It took you long enough

the Crossover Show – Episode 7 FSTs and the News

Another installment of my mother’s favorite podcast is up and live featuring myself and the ever talented Motorcop of

This week he discusses some of the news stories from the LEO perspective including blood draws for DUI and a man shot for pointing a hose nozzle at police. I mention the New Mexico EMT recovering from a head on collision on I-25 and how many ambulance accidents could be avoided entirely.

News of Scarlett Johannsen’s divorce makes the list, as do more listener questions.

Speaking of listener questions, did you know you can now CALL INTO the show? Well, not really, but admit it, you were excited for a second. Leave a voicemail at 313 451-HMMC and we’ll answer your question on the next show.
What will that topic be? Listen to episode 7 for details. We’ve actually planned a topic. GASP!

Episode 7

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We have been busy little bees indeed.

The Crossover – Episode 6 – Return of the Medic

In this episode we give MotorCop’s listeners a chance to meet me in all my Happy glory.

We also take the opportunity to discuss recent posts such as RaisingLadders recap of stupid social media mistakes, what EMS 2.0 and how to go about getting your own Setla.

Grab a menu and order up at the Crossover Cafe.

Episode 6

The Crossover Show – Episode 5 “Un-Thankful”

Myself and the voice actor extraordinaire Motorcop dive into the calls that come out that make us un-Thankful as well as taking more listener questions including-

“If you could ensure the public learned one thing about your profession, what would it be?”

Have a listen and let us know what you think.

Episode 5

The Crossover Episode 4 – A New Hope

Not so long ago in a municipality not too far away…
Episode 4
While giggling about the title of this episode (which we did often) I realized that my ride along with Motorcop did give me a new hope.  A new hope that we can prove ourselves Professionals and stand up to the bean counters and lawyers who are afraid of a law they do not understand.

Our Rebel cast once again includes the one person I like to listen to at length, me, and traffic enforcer Extraordinaire Motorcop from  We discuss the collision from the ride along and how vastly different the law treats them compared to EMS and how there is no reason for it. We also find out how many times a PCR has been entered into court.

And in part of a new segment, we answer listener questions submitted on twitter.

On another note: Someone asked about why we don’t have show notes. Um, dude, we’re doing an audio show so we don’t have to take notes!