the Crossover – Episode 20 – Better Late than Never

We don’t even remember when we recorded this show.  Motorcop has been hiding it in his laptop during the Sergeant’s exam process and we finally got Happy over to actually complete it and upload it.

Anyhow, come listen to the show Good Morning America calls “We do not accept requests for review of material.”

Seriously, we don’t remember what we talked about. It’s been too long.


the Crossover Episode 19 – MC makes me do the dishes


We cooked a batch of beer with the blog stalker, got invited for dinner and recorded a show.  When it was time to write the witty intro, he asked me to do it.  I didn’t respond.  Then he challenged me to either write the intro or wash the dishes.



Yup. You read that right. I talked HM into doing the dishes so I could get this post out to the lot of you. I am a modern day Huck Finn.

In this, our last teenage episode, we talk about collisions and when they are documented, evidence-based medicine, and some pretty kick ass Kilted to Kick Cancer news.

Enjoy our last episode before we hit that crap year between being teenagers and being able to drink. What a dumb year.

the Crossover Episode 18 – Where’s your car dude?

The boys are back in what can only be described as their Christmas Show.  They discuss how to stay safe when out shopping, what a cassette tape and a pencil will never show our children and why the Elf on the Shelf might just make up for it.


Motorcop from joins me for another 45 minutes of the internet’s only Police/EMS/Fire podcast!


The show is now barely legal.  That alone should get you to click play!


the Crossover Episode 17 – We raised how much?

Kilted to Kick Cancer was organized to raise awareness about male specific cancers.  Thanks to Kelly “the Blogfather” Greyson, it turned into a massive fund raising effort that raised…well…have a listen to the show to find out.  And your guess is way too low.


This is also the first episode of the show where we invited not one live guest but 2!  Alex from Unkilted stopped by to discuss his part in making the kilted to kick cancer .org site actually look nice allowing us to bring so many people together from so many different places.


I also throw out my target fund raising goal for KTKC 2012.  Who’s with us?


the Crossover Episode 16 – Kilted to Kick Cancer

Motorcop and the Happy Medic spend the show discussing the upcoming Kilted to kick Cancer event to raise awareness about male specific cancers. Learn how you can be a part of the movement through sponsors MagnumbootsUSA and AltKilt. Need a kilt for the month of September? AltKilt is where you want to go. Mention KTKC and get 15% off your custom 100% made in the USA kilt. Visit for more links and to learn where you can donate!


Make sure you subscribe on itunes and note the Explicit Content tag.  I’m just sayin’.



the Crossover Episode 15 – DC Needs their heads examined

The Happy Medic and Motorcop are back with a look into the Washington DC idea of preventing crime using unarmed firefighters, then some tips on how to answer the dreaded oral boards question “Why do you want this job” and we finish with an exciting announcement about cancer and the month of September.


the Crossover Podcast Episode 14 – An Alameda Drowning and Where did Otis go?

Happy Medic and Motorcop dive into the controversy surrounding the Alameda man who drowned while rescuers untrained in water rescue stood on dry land. Then, as usual, they find a tangent and discuss the costs, effort and resources involved in arresting and jailing someone compared to transport and hospitalization and why many times neither fits.


the Crossover Episode 13 – Gordon Graham

My partner in crime Motorcop has taken the cassette recorder from the Crossover Show locker and scored an interview with Law Enforcement expert and San Francisco native Gordon Graham.
Mr Graham served as a Motor Officer in Los Angeles for 10 years, my guess why the interview goes so well. Those motor guys stick together.

They discuss social media, the use of smart phones on the job and the risks that come with it. This is a no nonsense interview and my helmet is tipped to our Boy in Blue for a job well done. just make sure you rewind the tape and put the recorder back.

Episode 13

the Crossover – Episode 12 – Magical Mustache Ride

The boys are back and earning that itunes explicit tag early in Episode 12! We discuss why Justin thinks dying in a car crash should not be an LODD but something different, Motorcop reminds us about Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus, then pukes and why Justin can’t grow a mustache to save anyone’s life.

And extra points for naming my horrible impersonation in the opening bit!

Episode 12