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Arise Kilted Army! We have a man in need!

Kilted brethren, we have a man in trouble!

The Granite City High School in St Louis has denied a student’s request to attend the prom in his family tartan kilt.  The reason?

“[we] want men to dress like men.”


Before you get too fired up, take a deep breath.  Oh hell, screw taking a deep breath, this kid needs our support.  His primary appeal was denied and he’s taking the fight to the school board.  Follow THIS link to get full story.

And when you’re done, email these folks and tell them a kilt IS a man’s article of clothing and celebrates a proud culture!

I want their inboxes FLOODED with respectful messages from the Kilted to Kick Cancer gang.  Don’t get angry and prove their point, just tell them why they’re making a huge mistake on the misunderstanding that a kilt is a dress.

I won’t mention the kid’s name here but it is in the linked article.  I’m proud he’s not sitting down and taking this like they want him to, but standing up and fighting for his rights!  I can only imagine how many young ladies will be pushing the definition of “appropriate” on that evening and all this kid wants to do is respect his heritage.


Let’s go Kilted Army!  Let’s make this thing viral!

Bare Legs Needed

Alt Kilt, official kilt of Kilted to Kick Cancer and the definition of a small American business, has announced their Spring Model Contest.


You have until January 12th to email the needed information and a photo of you to them to be considered.

The thing I like about this contest is that it’s not a cattle call for beefcakes and swimsuit models, although said categories are not being excluded.  Alt Kilt is looking for everyday people of all colors, shapes and sizes.  Even amputees are being encouraged to enter, the entire point being that ANYONE looks better and feels more confident in a kilt.


I entered, mainly because the chosen few will get a free custom made kilt to model for photographers in their own area, then the photos used to promote Alt Kilt around the world.  In addition, Motorcop and I, along with interwebs coding ace Alex from, have been toying with the idea of a Kilted to Kick Cancer Calendar to raise money in September.  If you have a blog, please share the contest with your readers, on twitter and facebook.  I want Alt kilt FLOODED with a wide variety of folk to chose from.


So keep an eye out for details on the calendar soon after the new launch of the improved KTKC website.


Get over to Alt Kilt, read the rules and enter!

Stay Kilted, my friends.

Happy Awards 2011 – Best Small Business

When Motorcop and I dreamed up Kilted to Kick Cancer over a Guinness 2 years ago we never knew the impact it could have, we were just looking for a reason to wear our kilts more often.  Then TOTW informed me of the risks of prostate cancer and we were off to the races.

Along the way we sought out sponsors to help us spread the word.  Some were less than receptive, telling us they were too small a company and that the economy was too slow for them to help out in any way.

Enter Alt Kilt.

The definition of a small family company, they make a product that isn’t exactly flying off the shelves.  Especially since each kilt is hand made.

But their own story with cancer explains everything.  September is also Childrens’ Cancer Awareness Month and Alt Kilt is a big supporter of any effort to find a cure and spread awareness.  But that wasn’t enough.

Alt Kilt’s enthusiasm continued with discount codes, gift certificates and kilts for MC and me as well as rush orders for many many others.  They could have very easily said no for the same reason other larger companies did, but there was a connection that went beyond the bottom line.

I think it’s obvious by now that the Kilted to Kick Cancer effort made me happy this year, but it was the support of people who believed we could do it that made it all possible.

Alt Kilt, you made me happy in 2011!

Happy Awards 2011 – Best “Yes!”

Those of you who were around for the Kilted to Kick Cancer events know what a huge role Magnum Boots played.  Motorcop and I went to their factory one day and sat down with their team and simply pitched the idea of a few medics, cops and firemen wearing kilts to raise awareness about prostate cancer.

Before we had a chance to get nervous, they responded “yes!” and followed with “What do you need from us?”

We were just hoping for someone with a wider social media reach to help us spread the word.  Next thing we know Magnum has their marketing/social media Goddess Alexis in T-shirts and with hand outs in Las Vegas for the launch a mere 30 days later.

It would have been very easy for Magnum to squirm in their chairs and tell us the economy isn’t looking good or that they were too small a company, but they jumped in with both feet and were instrumental in helping educate hundreds if not thousands of men about their own risks for cancer, and had a hand in helping to raise over $11,000 for the cause.

Magnum Boots made me Happy in 2011.

the Crossover Episode 17 – We raised how much?

Kilted to Kick Cancer was organized to raise awareness about male specific cancers.  Thanks to Kelly “the Blogfather” Greyson, it turned into a massive fund raising effort that raised…well…have a listen to the show to find out.  And your guess is way too low.


This is also the first episode of the show where we invited not one live guest but 2!  Alex from Unkilted stopped by to discuss his part in making the kilted to kick cancer .org site actually look nice allowing us to bring so many people together from so many different places.


I also throw out my target fund raising goal for KTKC 2012.  Who’s with us?


Kilted to Kick Cancer draws to a close

Well done for the month folks.  Our awareness campaign about male specific cancers during September can only be categorized as a success!

I’m out of the banner for a few weeks on a well earned vacation with Mrs Happy Medic and won’t know the details of the fundraising efforts, but if we raised more than $1 I’m happy.


Kilted will continue, just in an abbreviated form, meeting whenever we feel like strapping on the kilts and drawing some stares.  The message will continue, of course, and plans are already in the works for a bigger and better KTKC 2012!


To those who wore kilts, well done.  To those who donated, thank you.  And to those bloggers that took up Kelly’s fund raising challenge, thank you for turning your readers’ attention towards a worthy cause.  At the end of all of this a special thank you to Too Old to Work who opened my eyes to my own risk factors and to Russel Stine who continues to scare the living shit out of me as he shares his cancer experience with us on his blog.

Inspiration comes from many places, the trick is spotting it.

Get your kilt ordered now for next year!


Custom Kilt from Alt Kilt…Name your price

The gang at Alt Kilt are currently running an auction for a custom kilt to raise money for Kids’ Cancer.


What kind of kilt?  Well, that’s where the great part lies in all this:  You decide.  This is a 100% CUSTOM kilt from your mind to their tables to your waist.


I fully expect to see this won by a Kilted to Kick Cancer participant or supporter.  Anything less would be a disappointment.  If that is the case I’ll add in a washed, but never worn Magnum RD Shirt embroidered with the Kilted to Kick Cancer logo.  So let’s go folks, make it happen.

If you didn’t have a kilt this year, here’s a chance to get one custom made for next year.  No excuses.


I’ve bid and will bid again.  I have my eye on some of their steam punk inspired kilts and may take this opportunity to get one while supporting Kids’ Cancer.

Think about it for a second.  You can get a kilt supporting Kids’ Cancer, then wear it to support male cancers, then again to support any damn thing you want.

Efficiency on multiple levels.

BID!  The auction ends Sept 20th 6:25 am PST.


And I’ll check with Magnum, but if supplies last I’ll get you a KTKC T-shirt as well since all proceeds go to cancer research.

KTKC T-Shirts and why you need one…free

In case some of you were under the illusion that Magnum Boots has an open print order on Kilted to Kick Cancer T-Shirts, think again.

The first, and possibly ONLY Kilted to Kick Cancer T-Shirt is now available solely through Magnum Boots USA.

The cost:  $0.

Seriously, Magnum Boots is charging zero to get a shirt.  All you have to do is email them confirmation that you donated at least $40 to Prostate Cancer Research and let them know your size and POOF – Free Limited Edition T-Shirt.

I honestly thought that we’d run out of shirts in Las Vegas at EMS World Expo so didn’t give much thought to it, but a recent communique from Magnum Boots confirms the mail order amount is starting to slow.

To slow?

I thought we were blazing the trail here guys and gals.  We have roughly a half a month left, barely over 2 weeks to get as much fundraising and awareness done about male cancers before everything turns pink in October.  Everyone’s attention will be shifted to the noble fight against breast cancer and pink shirts will fill the TV, the workplace and people will empty their pockets for the effort as well they should.

But what about the male specific cancer that is set to overtake breast cancer next year if current trends hold?  Think about that for a minute while you fill out the $40 donation to the walk athon or arrange to go see the pink fire engine.

Next year more men will die of prostate cancer than women will die of breast cancer.


Next month most people will go back to not talking about it.  Get a T-Shirt so that you can wear it to the walk a thon and to see the pink fire engine and tell every man you see about their risks.  We’re not going away but your chance to share this important message is.

I don’t usually take this tone in this forum, but after the morning I’ve had somebody has to stand up and start talking.

Please make a donation and send your proof to Magnum to get a free shirt so that your donation can be the starting point of a conversation that could save more lives than any walk a thon or pink fire engine.  Cancer needs to be stopped and that takes research and research takes money.  To get the money we must raise awareness and me wearing this kilt all month and having these conversations may have already saved someone…who knows.  But a simple giggle from a T-shirt could start a conversation that could save a life.

If unsure of where to send your donation, Magnum Boots can help:

To get yours, donate $40 or more to, then email us your size and proof of donation to You can also send us a check, made to Prostate Cancer Foundation, to:

Magnum USA

Attn. Marketing

4801 Stoddard Rd

Modesto, CA


Don’t let what we started die here and don’t give just to help a blogger win a contest.  Give because you know it’s the right thing to do.



AmboDriver and HM explain Kilted to Kick Cancer

What’s Under my Kilt

Kilted to Kick Cancer continues to turn heads and open conversations with total strangers about male specific cancers.  More so than either myself, Motocop or the starter of all this TOTWTYTR could have imagined I’m sure.

A random woman in her “early 60′s” (had I seen her at work I would have guessed 70′s) asked about the kilt in an airport food vendor line.  I mentioned the campaign and our intent for men to get checked.  Suddenly, after having known me for less than 60 seconds, has mentioned her husband sometimes has blood in his semen.  He told her it happens to “men of a certain age.”  NEGATIVE GHOSTRIDER!  I told her to call her husband from the airport to schedule an appointment with his doctor ASAP.


This is the exact mindset that likely has this man past the intervention stage if he does in fact have prostate issues.  If only she could have bumped into a kilted man 30 years ago.


And that is the point here folks.  We need to raise awareness so that when the generation staring at facebook is old enough they know what needs to get checked.  Heck, how many folks go overdue on their oil change on the car, let alone keeping up with their own health and that of those around them.


Visit the links, share them with important men in your life and if you can spare a few bucks to help research, click the links below the Kilted to Kick Cancer logo there in the sidebar.  Next month everything will turn pink for breast cancer and the kilts will go back on the hangers (not for too long though, details on that soon), but the fact remains that this cancer is killing almost as many men as breast cancer kills women and we’ve only scratched the surface on even researching it.  Like Motorcop says, cancer is like a giant domino game.  Once one falls, the rest are sure to follow.

Kilt up, and if you don’t have a kilt, support a blogger who does!