5.11 Tactical Duty Kilt Review

Back on April 1st 5.11 Tactical, a well known manufacturer of Police, Fire and EMS gear posted a video and a link to a new product, the Tactical Duty Kilt (TDK).

To me it was a well produced and conceived April Fool’s Day Joke.  Why on earth would someone need a Tactical Kilt?

In the days and weeks that followed, many online tried to order the great looking kilt from the great company, but the product page listed that it was not available to be ordered.  Instead, one would need to sign up to be emailed when the product was available.

The price – $59.99


Your average starter basic cotton kilt goes for 3 times that.


I ordered 3, one for me and one for the Angry Captain and the Mrs dad.

They arrived yesterday and at first I was skeptical.  The kilts arrived as if they were made in a factory, not hand made from my favorite company Alt Kilt.  Saying Alt Kilt is high quality is like saying Neil Armstrong once went on a walk.  My bar was set pretty high on this one and the folks at 5.11 did not disappoint.

A quick note on 5.11: They could have simply posted a link saying it was a prank, or raised the unbelievable price of $59 bucks, or even skimped on the quality and blamed it on the price.  They stepped up and sent out a great product I wish I could order more of.


The Design:

The TDK is a non-traditional kilt, made of rip stop fabric so tough I had trouble getting my kilt pin in the apron.  The seams are clean and tight and the front angled pockets are perfect for cash so often falling out of cargo pockets when i sit down in other kilts.  The cargo pockets are attached with 4 snaps and can be removed, leaving only the velcro closure covering the snaps, a clean design.  Within the cargo pockets are 3 subdivided areas advertised as for magazine storage for shooting, I’ll let AD or MC comment on that but mine fits my phone PERFECTLY.  No more is my phone again wandering a cargo pocket or buried in a sporran.


The belt loops are centered on the front and include a badge tab, but only accommodate up to a 1 3/4″ belt.  The front apron includes a hidden snap for modesty and will keep the kilt from flying open on a windy day.  It also serves when sitting, allowing a first time kilter to be comfortable and learn how to sit properly before going all out on a tartan kilt.


The Style:

The pleats are few.  A traditional kilt has dozens of pleats, the more contemporary kilts have more, this one gets by on the minimum.  The pleats are what allow the kilt to move with you instead of being a mini-skirt.  The snaps and material go well with the low slung cargo pockets, putting my extended arm right in them no problem.  The front pockets, again, are a great touch and take the comfort of this kilt above others I own.  The snaps make it easy to get into and out of, but I like the look and feel of buttons better.


The TDK is an excellent starter kilt for three reasons:

1.  The modesty snap allows for wearing without a kilt pin and can get you less nervous about a gust of wind landing you on the sex offender registry for exposing yourself at a youth soccer game.

2.  The pockets don’t require a sporran.

3.  The price of $59 means anyone can get started and have a basic item for September or whenever undies just don’t seem like the thing to wear.


The Drawbacks:

1.  It is so contemporary some hard core kilters may not consider it a “real kilt.”  Their problem.

2.  It’s no longer available.


5.11, I think, took a hit in the pocketbooks on this one.  They charged $59 for an easily $200-$300 kilt considering the materials, hardware, design and creativity it took to consider the kilt an active duty garment.


I tip my helmet to 5.11 for going through with this order fulfillment and having them out (almost) in time for the Kilted to Kick Cancer events (coincidence?).  Like I said, they could have told us it was a joke and we would have laughed and been bummed.  Now I’m bummed I didn’t order more.  If it ever goes for sale again, I’m in.


The 5.11 Tactical Duty Kilt is a top quality product for the price and was well designed to boot.  Well done.



1 in 6

1 in 6 men will be diagnosed with Prostate Cancer.  1 in 36 men will be killed by it.


Do you know your risk factors?


Regular readers of the blog will know that September is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month and we’re getting Kilted to Kick Cancer.  If you’re sick of hearing about it, get checked and come back in October when everything turns pink.


Prostate and Testicular cancers got a bad rap in days gone by.  They were considered old men’s diseases and were filed on the to do list after “file nails with weed whacker.” No one wants to talk about thier testicles with other men…unless we’re comparing size, then it seems to be OK.  We’re weird that way…and it’s killing us.

But in recent decades something interesting has happened.  Younger men are being diagnosed with the old men’s diseases.  Research even suggests that the old men who were diagnosed could have been diagnosed earlier.

Enter well known cyclist Lance Armstrong and his very public battle with testicular cancer.  He’s not an old man, yet required drastic intervention to battle his cancer.

Then friend Russel from Hybrid Medic is also diagnosed with the old men’s disease.

Motorcop found the story of Gabe Canales, who’s doctors ran a PSA (the blood test that detects elevated levels of hormones indicative of an enlarged prostate) by accident and discovered his prostate cancer.  Gabe was in his 30s.  He took that experience and founded BlueCure an organization focused on preventing cancer and living a healthy lifestyle.


Cancer is all around us folks, but some organizations would like you to think theirs is more important than others.  One such group went so far as to trademark a common slogan used to organize people.  We at Kilted to Kick Cancer want to shine a light on male specific cancers because men still think they have a risk of developing breast cancer and will walk miles and miles with prostate cancer without even knowing it.  Imagine 60 men walking in October, pink from head to toe, each with their wives.  Odds are 10 of those men have prostate cancer.  Less than 1 breast cancer.  When will the walk to raise money for prostate cancer research be?


Well, as soon as you organize it.


We can’t just sit on the sidelines and watch the multimillion dollar charities do what they want, we need to recognize this threat to men and act.  We’ve done amazing things for the pink, let’s do something for the blue, the children, the cancers that seem to be less sexy than the boobies.


A quick note on the multimillion dollar charities.  I’m not a fan.  I would prefer donating to a local group, but there are so few.  I avoid donating to Jerry’s Kids.  Kilted to Kick Cancer links to a number of charities that need your support to continue their efforts.  Some are small, some are huge, paying the board of directors million dollar salaries.  Again, I am not a fan.

That’s why we’re building our own charity from the ground up.  You can support us by donating to your local cancer groups using your time, your resources, your money.  Spread their info on social media, trumpet their cause at your church, their are so many other ways of fighting cancer than grabbing for your credit card.

If you can help with a donation, make sure you use one of our links so the big boys see what kind of reach we have.  If you can’t help with a donation, find a local charity that needs help, it doesn’t need to even be for cancer, get kilted and get involved.  When folks ask about the kilt, tell them their risk factors.  Coach little league kilted, wash cars for the high school band kilted, go to the game kilted.  We just need to raise awareness.


But as Kelly pointed out, awareness isn’t enough.


We raised a lot of money last year and hope to raise even more this year, but those conversations with men who raise their eyebrows at their risks is what it’s all about.  And even better, when you meet a survivor who asks, “Where were you 20 years ago?”


Let us not look back in 20 years and wish we had done more.  The time is now.  Get Kilted, Get Checked!


Due to Popular Demand…

…we will be making a limited edition of the Tactical Duty Kilt.


What started as a great April Fool’s Day prank has turned into a lesson in the power of social media.


Late on the evening of March 31st 5.11 Tactical sent out a bulk email touting the addition of the Tactical Duty Kilt, including a link to the following you tube video.

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XoX7ZqaNPOQ’]


Noting the date I thought little of it…at first.  Then I started getting emails and messages from the Kilted to Kick Cancer gang asking if I had seen the TDK.  When I looked at the site, sure enough, there it was listed for sale.

Could this be real?  Being the social media whore aficionado I am, I placed links on facebook and twitter only to find I was not the first to do so.  The response from the community was overwhelming.  We all wanted a 5.11 Tactical Duty Kilt.  The video is great, the pockets, d-rings…all the features are great, but if it was just a joke, how could they be so cruel?

On the product page there was a notice that they were “Out of Stock” but I could enter my email to be notified when the item becomes available.  I bet they forgot to disable that function because yesterday I got an email from 5.11 CEO Tom Davin letting me know that they’re going to make the TDK.  It will be a limited run and online only, but you have to get your email into them ASAP to be included!

There are 3 colors to begin with, Black, Khaki and OD Green, with a multicam option coming later at a slightly higher price.  Each of these kilts will go perfectly with my Magnum Boots and Kilted to Kick Cancer Shirts, polos and T-shirts Magnum sponsored for the inaugural KTKC.

I got an email from a friend asking why Kilted to Kick Cancer had “abandoned” one vendor for another.  KTKC has done no such thing my friends (Oh God that sounds like something Mitt Romney would say).  We are looking for any and every way to spread the word about the importance of men getting the information they need to live healthy lifestyles.  We can only dream that future sponsors embrace KTKC the way Magnum Boots did, and they even did it site unseen.

We are not exclusive, never will be.

Alt Kilt jumped to the front of the line last year because they are awesome, but we will not ignore a chance to spread the word about what is now the second most lethal cancer known to humans with other kilt makers.  More voices can only mean more ears hearing the message (reading the message?  I get confused) and that’s what we’re about at KTKC, I’m sure Motorcop, Alex and Kelly and the now 13 state reps of the KTKC Kilted Army would agree.

If Magnum Boots made a kilt, I’d probably want one.  If Alt Kilt made boots, I’d probably want them too.  Actually, that would be an interesting combination…but I digress.

Still need a kilt for September?  Then get your email in for the TDK ASAP, then visit Alt Kilt to get your order in, because you’ll need at least 3 for the month.

Arise Kilted Army! We have a man in need!

Kilted brethren, we have a man in trouble!

The Granite City High School in St Louis has denied a student’s request to attend the prom in his family tartan kilt.  The reason?

“[we] want men to dress like men.”


Before you get too fired up, take a deep breath.  Oh hell, screw taking a deep breath, this kid needs our support.  His primary appeal was denied and he’s taking the fight to the school board.  Follow THIS link to get full story.

And when you’re done, email these folks and tell them a kilt IS a man’s article of clothing and celebrates a proud culture!

I want their inboxes FLOODED with respectful messages from the Kilted to Kick Cancer gang.  Don’t get angry and prove their point, just tell them why they’re making a huge mistake on the misunderstanding that a kilt is a dress.

I won’t mention the kid’s name here but it is in the linked article.  I’m proud he’s not sitting down and taking this like they want him to, but standing up and fighting for his rights!  I can only imagine how many young ladies will be pushing the definition of “appropriate” on that evening and all this kid wants to do is respect his heritage.


Let’s go Kilted Army!  Let’s make this thing viral!

Bare Legs Needed

Alt Kilt, official kilt of Kilted to Kick Cancer and the definition of a small American business, has announced their Spring Model Contest.


You have until January 12th to email the needed information and a photo of you to them to be considered.

The thing I like about this contest is that it’s not a cattle call for beefcakes and swimsuit models, although said categories are not being excluded.  Alt Kilt is looking for everyday people of all colors, shapes and sizes.  Even amputees are being encouraged to enter, the entire point being that ANYONE looks better and feels more confident in a kilt.


I entered, mainly because the chosen few will get a free custom made kilt to model for photographers in their own area, then the photos used to promote Alt Kilt around the world.  In addition, Motorcop and I, along with interwebs coding ace Alex from Unkilted.com, have been toying with the idea of a Kilted to Kick Cancer Calendar to raise money in September.  If you have a blog, please share the contest with your readers, on twitter and facebook.  I want Alt kilt FLOODED with a wide variety of folk to chose from.


So keep an eye out for details on the calendar soon after the new launch of the improved KTKC website.


Get over to Alt Kilt, read the rules and enter!

Stay Kilted, my friends.

Happy Awards 2011 – Best Small Business

When Motorcop and I dreamed up Kilted to Kick Cancer over a Guinness 2 years ago we never knew the impact it could have, we were just looking for a reason to wear our kilts more often.  Then TOTW informed me of the risks of prostate cancer and we were off to the races.

Along the way we sought out sponsors to help us spread the word.  Some were less than receptive, telling us they were too small a company and that the economy was too slow for them to help out in any way.

Enter Alt Kilt.

The definition of a small family company, they make a product that isn’t exactly flying off the shelves.  Especially since each kilt is hand made.

But their own story with cancer explains everything.  September is also Childrens’ Cancer Awareness Month and Alt Kilt is a big supporter of any effort to find a cure and spread awareness.  But that wasn’t enough.

Alt Kilt’s enthusiasm continued with discount codes, gift certificates and kilts for MC and me as well as rush orders for many many others.  They could have very easily said no for the same reason other larger companies did, but there was a connection that went beyond the bottom line.

I think it’s obvious by now that the Kilted to Kick Cancer effort made me happy this year, but it was the support of people who believed we could do it that made it all possible.

Alt Kilt, you made me happy in 2011!

Happy Awards 2011 – Best “Yes!”

Those of you who were around for the Kilted to Kick Cancer events know what a huge role Magnum Boots played.  Motorcop and I went to their factory one day and sat down with their team and simply pitched the idea of a few medics, cops and firemen wearing kilts to raise awareness about prostate cancer.

Before we had a chance to get nervous, they responded “yes!” and followed with “What do you need from us?”

We were just hoping for someone with a wider social media reach to help us spread the word.  Next thing we know Magnum has their marketing/social media Goddess Alexis in T-shirts and with hand outs in Las Vegas for the launch a mere 30 days later.

It would have been very easy for Magnum to squirm in their chairs and tell us the economy isn’t looking good or that they were too small a company, but they jumped in with both feet and were instrumental in helping educate hundreds if not thousands of men about their own risks for cancer, and had a hand in helping to raise over $11,000 for the cause.

Magnum Boots made me Happy in 2011.

the Crossover Episode 17 – We raised how much?

Kilted to Kick Cancer was organized to raise awareness about male specific cancers.  Thanks to Kelly “the Blogfather” Greyson, it turned into a massive fund raising effort that raised…well…have a listen to the show to find out.  And your guess is way too low.


This is also the first episode of the show where we invited not one live guest but 2!  Alex from Unkilted stopped by to discuss his part in making the kilted to kick cancer .org site actually look nice allowing us to bring so many people together from so many different places.


I also throw out my target fund raising goal for KTKC 2012.  Who’s with us?


Kilted to Kick Cancer draws to a close

Well done for the month folks.  Our awareness campaign about male specific cancers during September can only be categorized as a success!

I’m out of the banner for a few weeks on a well earned vacation with Mrs Happy Medic and won’t know the details of the fundraising efforts, but if we raised more than $1 I’m happy.


Kilted will continue, just in an abbreviated form, meeting whenever we feel like strapping on the kilts and drawing some stares.  The message will continue, of course, and plans are already in the works for a bigger and better KTKC 2012!


To those who wore kilts, well done.  To those who donated, thank you.  And to those bloggers that took up Kelly’s fund raising challenge, thank you for turning your readers’ attention towards a worthy cause.  At the end of all of this a special thank you to Too Old to Work who opened my eyes to my own risk factors and to Russel Stine who continues to scare the living shit out of me as he shares his cancer experience with us on his blog.

Inspiration comes from many places, the trick is spotting it.

Get your kilt ordered now for next year!


Custom Kilt from Alt Kilt…Name your price

The gang at Alt Kilt are currently running an auction for a custom kilt to raise money for Kids’ Cancer.


What kind of kilt?  Well, that’s where the great part lies in all this:  You decide.  This is a 100% CUSTOM kilt from your mind to their tables to your waist.


I fully expect to see this won by a Kilted to Kick Cancer participant or supporter.  Anything less would be a disappointment.  If that is the case I’ll add in a washed, but never worn Magnum RD Shirt embroidered with the Kilted to Kick Cancer logo.  So let’s go folks, make it happen.

If you didn’t have a kilt this year, here’s a chance to get one custom made for next year.  No excuses.


I’ve bid and will bid again.  I have my eye on some of their steam punk inspired kilts and may take this opportunity to get one while supporting Kids’ Cancer.

Think about it for a second.  You can get a kilt supporting Kids’ Cancer, then wear it to support male cancers, then again to support any damn thing you want.

Efficiency on multiple levels.

BID!  The auction ends Sept 20th 6:25 am PST.


And I’ll check with Magnum, but if supplies last I’ll get you a KTKC T-shirt as well since all proceeds go to cancer research.