29,000 deaths vs 6,000. Which should get more attention?

The Ice Bucket challenge raised over $50 Million for ALSA, which is going to be diagnosed in about 5600 people this year.  ALS is responsible for 2 deaths for every 100,000 people.  That’s 2 too many.

Let’s cruise the math.  300 million folks in the US, let’s say half are dudes.  1 in 36 men will be killed by Prostate Cancer so let’s round that number down from 4.1 million to 4 million.  4 Million men currently in the US will be killed by Prostate Cancer in their lifetimes.  29,000 this year alone.

ALS will kill (since it also impacts women we’ll say out of 300 million folks and ALSA states 2 in 100,000 will be killed…carry the 6, divided by pi…) 6000.


29,000 vs 6,000

Prostate Cancer will kill almost 5 times as many human beings as ALS this year.

I’m not anti-ALSA, in fact I’m against most things that kill people (stupidity sometimes gets a pass) but are our priorities in the right place?

I don’t know.

So here’s what we’re going to do:


No one firing up a cigarette or pinching dip can even start to claim they believe in a healthy lifestyle.  There is no sense in literally GUARANTEEING your death by lung cancer (The #1 deadliest and most preventable cancer)


Avoid diet soda like the plague, don’t kid yourself that those 250 calories are making that big a difference in your overall diet.  The sweeteners are linked to a number of health related problems including, wait for it, cancer.  In addition, the caramel coloring added also increases risk of cancers.  I suggest Sierra Mist, natural sugar and no coloring, but in moderation!


Find out who is healthy and who is not and why.  If all your male relatives had prostate cancer, guess what?  If your mother and grandmother have cancer, guess what?


Ask about your risk factors since you talked to all your relatives.  “Doc, all my female relatives have been diagnosed with ovarian cancer, should I be worried?”  “Doc, my uncle had his prostate removed at 55, should I be worried?”


Join Kilted to Kick Cancer in spreading the word about the risk of Prostate Cancer, hell all cancer, and don’t just sit back and jump on the first cause that wanders by on Facebook.  If your family is impacted by a certain ailment, get involved locally!  Donate money, time, food, rides anything and everything to help in your own community.


The white coats far away working on a cure need to be put out of work by us PREVENTING and LESSENING THE IMPACT of cancer.

Cancer is a lot easier to cure when no one gets it anymore.


Get Kilted! Get Checked!


Kilted to Kick Cancer 2014 now in full swing!

It’s that time of year my Kilted friends!

Time to kilt up for a great cause!

1 in 7 men will be diagnosed with Prostate Cancer in their Lifetime, 1 in 36 men will be killed by the disease.

September is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month and we need to start a conversation with men that they don’t want to have: “How’s your prostate?”

In addition, we challenge our Kilted Army to #DunkYourJunk.  Put the ice buckets down everyone and have a seat.  In the ice.  In your kilt.


We start this conversation by wearing kilts everywhere we go during the Month of September when not on duty.


I am part of the fundraising competition again this year and encourage you to join “Team Happy Medic” when donating to Kilted to Kick Cancer using this LINK.

The fundraising contest has some incredible prizes and near the end of the month bloggers around the internet will start to make crazy dares to win.

100% of the funds go towards the cause of raising awareness about male specific cancers, helping those already diagnosed and, of course research.

Get over to Alt Kilt for amazing deals on custom kilts and accessories, including this exclusive KTKC pouch! 

A portion of the proceeds benefit KTKC!

Help us get the word out about this dangerous disease and

Get Kilted! Get Checked!

New news from the Kilted front!

Kilted to Kick Cancer is now an official 501(c)(3) according to the IRS!


That’s right, everyone’s favorite kilt wearing fund raisers can now offer you a receipt for Uncle Sam in exchange for your donation to help us spread the word about male specific cancers in September and all other cancers all the time.

I think it’s a fair trade off, don’t you?

Read more at the new cheap cialis online post up at KTKC:

Achievement Unlocked: Official Charity Status!

Custom Made Alt Kilt Fireman’s Kilt up for Charity Auction

KTKC Alt KiltktkcshieldSeptember is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month and the Kilted to Kick Cancer Kilted Army has been without undergarments for most of the month.

For those of you not familiar with our efforts, we lovers of kilts banded together to support kicking squarely in the crotch the second leading cause of cancer death in men, Prostate Cancer.  We are not content simply sending money away to guys in white lab coats to find a cure, but would rather focus on preventing cancer and spreading information regarding the risk factors and disease process.

Every time a man in a kilt walks into a room people look.  When you pick up your kids from school in a kilt, people point and whisper.  We see it every time.  I have never asked a man why he is growing a mustache, or if he really is tough enough to wear  certain color, but the kilt gets people talking to us.  Then we abruptly change the subject to prostates and during a good laugh they are educated about the 1 in 6 chance of being diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetime and that it’s a blood test at first, and that it’s not an old man’s disease.  If they seem turned off by the topic, we simply ask them to talk to their fathers, brothers, uncles cousins (thanks MC) and then politely wish them a good day and wander off, knowing full well it’ll come up later. “I met a guy in a kilt today and you’ll never guess what he wanted to talk about!”


Along the way Wisconsin based Alt Kilt jumped on board with both feet offering discounts, gift certificates and other donations to help get Kilted of the ground.  And now we are ready to soar!

altkiltlogoIn their latest installment of support, Alt Kilt has donated a CUSTOM made Fireman’s Kilt to be auctioned off online to raise money for the new charity Kilted to Kick Cancer.

The kilt is cotton, with tri-reflective striping on the front apron and Alt Kilt’s unique pockets on the side.  Included in this one of a kind auction is custom embroidery on one of the panels!  See the lower image above for an example and the auction site for a full description of the kilt, but imagine this at YOUR next Department event, conference, or simply in September when you get Kilted to Kick Cancer!

Please support our cause and get a sweet kilt at the same time!


If you are a blogger, on Facebook, Twitter etc, please help us spread the word to your followers!

Kilted to Kick Cancer’s September Fund Drive has Begun!

Welcome to a pantless 30 days again this year my friends and thank you for helping make the last 2 years an overwhelming success!

You can donate to #TeamHM HERE and in the sidebar

This year Kilted to Kick Cancer is moving forward, not content with the measly $20,000 ish we raised last year.  Some of our bloggers and participants raised money by channeling their inner Trekkie or waxing parts of their body.

Others posted a link on Facebook and raised a few dollars from friends.  Every little bit helps, but it appears some of you need motivation.  A reason to take the 10 seconds to share the links or a few minutes to send in a few bucks so let me start off the month with the following blanket challenge to ALL the fund raisers out there:

If we can raise $50,000 in the month of September through the KTKC contest, I will let Motocop Tazer me.  Yup, I will ride the lightening for charity.

Are you telling me cops wouldn’t want to donate 25 bucks to live vicariously through Motorcop as he tazes one of those lazy firemen?  Come on! You Law Enforcement types need to share this info and get fundraising!

Oh, you want more?  OK.

If we raise $60,000 I’ll record it on cell phone and post the video on facebook.

Still not enough?

If we can break $75,000 I’ll talk filmmaker Thaddeus Setla into filming  it in HD, edit it, slow mo the smile on MC’s face and post it for all the world to see.

These may seem like unrealistic goals, but if you went back to 2010 and told me the late night idea to wear kilts all month would eventually turn into a world wide cancer awareness campaign I’d have laughed and laughed.


So take the first step in getting me tazered by clicking on the link in the sidebar and click off a couple bucks.  Then go find a law enforcement blog, facebook page etc and share this link.  Let’s get some funds raised for Prostate Caner Foundation, Livestrong and BlueCure!

If I can wear a kilt for a month and get tazered by a cop to get just one man to talk to his doctor, change his diet and avoid/lessen his risk of cancer, shouldn’t I?  If I can do all that, can you spare a few bucks to help?


Get Kilted!

Get Checked!




Let the Contest Begin!

The Kilted to Kick Cancer fund raising challenge has begun!


Please support my team HERE and please give what you can!


To motivate you, we hope to be on track to yet again double the previous year’s totals and raise $50,000 towards one of the 3 selected charities.

The goal of all of this is to raise awareness of male specific cancers during the month of September.  We are not exclusively against prostate cancer, we hate all cancers equally.  Trouble is, some cancers are sexier than others and get pro athletes to wear their color, products turn colors and the bulk of the nation sees commercials about walk a thon this and for a cure that.

I support them 100%.

What I don’t support is that it wasn’t until my mid 30s, after learning I had this risk for that cancer and this risk for that one, that TOTWTYTR warned me about my 1 in 36 chance of being killed by something called Prostate Cancer.

“It’s an old man’s disease” we’d been told.  Turns out they only tested old guys.  Now that they moved the test to a lower age range, turns out it’s a young man’s disease as well.

Instead of debating the validity of a PSA test (No one seems to challenge other cancer screenings) I want you to stop for a moment and think about your risk factors for cancer.  Any cancer.  All cancer.

#1 – If you have cancer in the family your risk of having a form of cancer go WAY up.

#2 – If you smoke you will likely develop Lung Cancer, the #1 deadliest and, oddly, most preventable cancer known to human kind.

#3 – Stay out of the sunshine.  Skin cancers are the #3 killer behind lung and prostate (for men and breast cancer for women).

#4 – Your diet.  Chances are you’re like me and don’t have the guts to go full vegan, studied to be the healthiest diet and the most likely diet to reverse and prevent cancer from forming in the first place.  If you don’t want to do that, watch Forks Over Knives to get inspired about adding more fruits and vegetables to your diet.  And I don’t mean a salad with bacon bits and a 1/4 cup or ranch dressing.


Kilted to Kick Cancer would love to find a cure.  But finding a cure means more men are going to be diagnosed and I’m not OK with that.  Last year we learned that over 95% of prostate cancer cases can be treated into remission if found early enough.

So let’s do that.

Talk to your Doctor about screenings, your lifestyle and other things you can do to reduce the risk of cancer.

Talk to your father, uncles, brothers, friends about their cancer risks and spread the word.

Get Kilted!

Get Checked!


How far would you go to win against Cancer?


It sucks.

It’s preventable.

It’s detectable.

It’s too late.

Pick 3.

Cancer hit a little too close to home recently, the details I’ll spare, but it really gets you thinking.

The Documentary Forks Over Knives trumpets the plant based diet solution which is FAR healthier than what you’re eating now.  “But Justin, bacon is awesome and vegan diets are extreme.”  I’ll agree with the maker of Forks over Knives who reminds us that a million people this year will have a vein cut out of their leg and grafted onto their heart.  Some would call that extreme.

Then we are finding that study after study of the things that have found their way into our everyday diets are killing us, just like we knew the were.  This study reminds us that the soda we drink is not only eroding our teeth and intestines, but increases the risk of prostate cancer 40%.  So if you drink a soda a day you go from a 1 in 6 chance to a 1 in 4 chance.

Congratulations, you’re dead.  Now with more cherry flavor.

I’m not eating a vegan diet. I had a salami and bacon sandwich for lunch today and is was magnificent, but I’m paying more attention to my diet.  Local foods grown without needing engineered pesticides or exotic gasses to falsely ripen fruit from another hemisphere.  Less soda, NEVER diet soda, less cheese and no milk.

Yes, I said no milk.

“What about calcium for strong bones Mr Smartypants?”  Well, you’ll never learn it in school but milk is actually TOO MUCH calcium, which leaches it from your bones, not adds to it.  Common vegetables, which you’re going to start eating more of, give you more calcium than the recommended allowance of bovine breast milk.

Oh, did you forget milk is actually intended for baby cows, not humans?

A serving of broccoli or bok choy has as much calcium as a glass of milk, so why even drink it?

Most of what we’ve been told about the food we eat is wrong, a distortion or an outright lie.  Yes I still eat processed foods but not nearly as much as before.  I still grab a burger at the drive through, but not nearly as much as before.  I don’t think I could ever go vegan, but if it came down to my life depending on it, I’d find a way.

I’m on my soap box hoping that someone, anyone will at least start paying more attention to their body and avoid the situation my friend is in.  Some cancers can’t be treated, by the time they’re detected, by accident, no diet change known to man can reverse what has happened.

The title of this post asks how far you’ll go to win.  Will you cut out dairy?  Meat? Eggs, fish, whatever it takes to get and stay healthy?  Exercise more?  Teach your children to eat healthy?

Or will you not take this chance and find yourself across from a white coat, getting the news that you have between 6 months and a year, that the cancer has spread, that it’s about to take your last breath?

And how far would you go to end life on your terms, no the cancer’s?


It’s not just an old person’s disease.  It’s not just losing your hair from the chemotherapy treatments (It’s the “medicine”, not the cancer that does that remember).

Walking dressed in pink or even wearing a kilt for a month, this is day to day shit you need to get dialed in before it’s too late.  Call me crazy or a granola munching tree hugger, I don’t care, but skip the soda and milk for today…then do it again, you owe it to yourself.


Kicking it…Kilted

Last night was our fundraising event at a local piano bar.  I won’t say how much we raised yet, but it was more than we could have hoped for!

Here’s a pic of me hogging the microphone as MC fawns.

On a scouting trip through the community we happened upon a few guys watching football and having a few drinks.  When we came into the bar in our kilts they immediately began discussing it with us.  One fellow approached us and seemed extra curious about our motives.  I explained we were raising money for charity at an event in the area in a few weeks and told them to talk to their doctors.

He gave me his card.

His name is Steve Haworth and he happens to be the owner of Charity Auction Fundraising an expert in getting folks to part with their cash for a good cause.  He works with the Grammys, Justin Timberlake, Jay-Z…and now Kilted to Kick Cancer.  We had a couple of things we scrounged together from Alt Kilt’s generous donations  but Steve wanted to show us how impressed he was with our dedication to the cause.

Steve brought with him, and donated for auction, a night in San Francisco, dinner and a show as well as a day trip to wine country, with driver, for 4 people.

These items both went for considerably less than they usually do simply because of our limited audience, but I intend on getting Steve in front of bigger and bigger audiences as KTKC moves forward.

That Bar will also be donating a portion of the proceeds from last night and was more than accommodating to us and even donated a gift card to the night.

The Prince Charles Pipe Band sent over a couple of bagpipers willing to help out for a beer and a T-shirt.  we even got them both on stage at one point and had dueling bag pipes!

Also a special thanks to Chief Picard from the San Ramon Valley Fire Dept Pipes and Drums for kilting up and wandering the neighborhood playing his bagpipes to drum up attention.  Then he and his lovely wife stayed to bid on and win an auction item!  Congrats Chief!


The total from the fund raiser will be donated to Blue Cure Foundation.  We’ve arranged with Ambodriver to have that total added to our fundraising totals for the contest since BlueCure wasn’t able to get us the tracking links on time.

Oh, and one more thing, we got video of Motorcop dancing to Proud Mary in his kilt.  Want to see it?  DONATE!  I also gave my very best shot at a highland reel.  The wife, a former (and possibly future) competitive Scottish dancer said I did great.  So there.

Less than 72 hours left to donate folks!  If you aren’t kilted support a blogger who is!

Want to see me wash and wax MC’s bike for a month?

Well, Kelly informed me recently that I’m lingering in the bottom 5 of fund raisers this year and that I should be embarrassed to be associated with the organization trying a little harder to solicit donations.


Motorcop, fellow co-founder of KTKC, chimed in by reminding me that his own fund raising has put me in my little medic place and I should just curl up and cry reached ever so slightly above my own.


Was it something I said?

Something I didn’t say?


I know Kelly has a big EMS audience and MC a big cop audience…but where are all the firefighters?

If Kelly and MC out fund raise us we’ll be in third place behind the ambulance drivers and the fuzz.  I can’t accept that.




I offer a Kilted Challenge to my readers:

If I out fund raise MC I will wash and wax his motorcycle once a week for the entire month of October wearing a pink T-shirt.  MC will be allowed to photograph this event and I will post the pic in the top of the sidebar of the blog for the year.


Donate early / donate often!