Happy Awards 2011 – Best Gear

Easy.  Rip Shears.

Tell me you got a set of Rip Shears after my glowing review.  If you carry a pen (2 actually) you should be carrying a set of Rip Shears.

I still carry and will always carry a Rip Shear when in the field.  Sadly, it seems out of place at my desk now that I have a staff job.  But it makes IT think twice about questioning my format on the RCSQL server reports.  What?…

Happy Awards 2011 – Best Conference Event

A few years ago a couple of guys net up for a trans Atlantic EMS exchange. Maybe you heard about it. A big reason that happened was the early support of ZOLL Medical.

As part of their sponsorship in what Mark, Ted and I were trying to do they invited us to their booth in Baltimore, where we began to expand the #CoEMS family face to face. However, few realize, that the night before the conference we met for drinks with Charlotte and Blake from ZOLL to discuss what we all hoped to accomplish.

Being the social media whores devotees we are, we both tweeted our status and checking in on Facebook.  Literally minutes later we were joined by a few bloggers who happened to be in another part of the restaurant, saw our update and came over to say hello.

And that is how the ZOLL Pre Conference Blogger Bash was born.

Each year Charlotte and the folks from ZOLL but together a little event to recognize the power social media has in bringing EMS providers together and the sharing of best practices.  It is by far the best event at the conferences, even though it’s smaller and less flashy than some of the other fare put on when thousands of EMTs descend on these poor cities.

And in case you were wondering WHICH blogger bash I am referring to, it was a tie for Baltimore and Las Vegas.  And in 2012 I suspect yet another tie.


Thanks for making me smile ZOLL!  See you in Baltimore!

Happy Awards 2011 – Best Small Business

When Motorcop and I dreamed up Kilted to Kick Cancer over a Guinness 2 years ago we never knew the impact it could have, we were just looking for a reason to wear our kilts more often.  Then TOTW informed me of the risks of prostate cancer and we were off to the races.

Along the way we sought out sponsors to help us spread the word.  Some were less than receptive, telling us they were too small a company and that the economy was too slow for them to help out in any way.

Enter Alt Kilt.

The definition of a small family company, they make a product that isn’t exactly flying off the shelves.  Especially since each kilt is hand made.

But their own story with cancer explains everything.  September is also Childrens’ Cancer Awareness Month and Alt Kilt is a big supporter of any effort to find a cure and spread awareness.  But that wasn’t enough.

Alt Kilt’s enthusiasm continued with discount codes, gift certificates and kilts for MC and me as well as rush orders for many many others.  They could have very easily said no for the same reason other larger companies did, but there was a connection that went beyond the bottom line.

I think it’s obvious by now that the Kilted to Kick Cancer effort made me happy this year, but it was the support of people who believed we could do it that made it all possible.

Alt Kilt, you made me happy in 2011!

Happy Awards 2011 – Best New Blog

EMS blogs pop up all the time, write a few posts, then suddenly nothing.  Maybe they got caught, maybe they got bored, maybe they forgot.  One day I read a post from a new blogger calling their site Captain Chair Confessions.  The style was right up my alley and the stories were so familiar I felt an immediate connection with the author.

The frustration, the angst, the sheer hair pulling insanity that can only come from being in EMS for more than 20 minutes in a system or with a partner or in a place that just doesn’t get it.  It’s there.

Also there, if you read carefully, is the withdrawing of a burn out in progress.

I think CCC, as they call themselves for short, has been saved by this amazing therapy experiment called blogging.  Even though the political stuff can get heavy from time to time, it is CCC’s forum and I can skip a post from time to time, but rarely do.

CCC, thanks for making me smile this year and good luck in the future!  I’ll be reading!

Happy Awards 2011 – Best “Yes!”

Those of you who were around for the Kilted to Kick Cancer events know what a huge role Magnum Boots played.  Motorcop and I went to their factory one day and sat down with their team and simply pitched the idea of a few medics, cops and firemen wearing kilts to raise awareness about prostate cancer.

Before we had a chance to get nervous, they responded “yes!” and followed with “What do you need from us?”

We were just hoping for someone with a wider social media reach to help us spread the word.  Next thing we know Magnum has their marketing/social media Goddess Alexis in T-shirts and with hand outs in Las Vegas for the launch a mere 30 days later.

It would have been very easy for Magnum to squirm in their chairs and tell us the economy isn’t looking good or that they were too small a company, but they jumped in with both feet and were instrumental in helping educate hundreds if not thousands of men about their own risks for cancer, and had a hand in helping to raise over $11,000 for the cause.

Magnum Boots made me Happy in 2011.

Coming Soon – Happy Medic Awards 2011

Last year I awarded Rescuing Providence  my Blog of the Year Award.

2011 was filled with so many things that made me happy I have decided to expand the award from just a single blog to cover my entire year.

I considered letting you vote in each category, but then it would be your award, not mine, so I’ve kept the balloting secret.

As December marches on you’ll see random postings of awards for events/products/companies/blogs, there is no restriction on who or what is included.


Coming soon – Things that made me Happy 2011!


Winners receive my heartfelt thanks for making my year better by putting a smile on my face.  I have no prizes, no sponsors, no begs for votes, just a thank you and a little golden Happy icon.  And of course bragging rights.  That’s a big deal where I come from you know.

If you have something that made you happy this year, share that experience with your friends and social media circles!