Sunday Fun – More Posters

Some EMS Motivational posters I’d like to see. You may also enjoySunday Fun – To the ShopsTurns out the Chief wasn’t too happy about us going out of service for fine art last week.But we … Sunday Fun – LaddersI was reading a book to one of the little ones the other night and had […]

Sunday Fun – Staying Motivated

I found more motivational posters to share: You may also enjoyReport from the TrenchesOnly on the front lines can you tell where the bullets are coming … From the Archives…Bubba’s Bad TemperAnother co-worker recently reminded me of when she and I met Bubba one night, leg wrapped in a … Having a bad shift?Let it […]

Motor Cop and Happy Medic as one

One of my readers sent me this motivational poster :Wait a minute. Anyone else notice he’s the only one getting ready to swing? Hilarious! “Magic Wellness Stick” oh you kill me, you really do. But MC and HM have met before… And those videos only get better You may also enjoyExplosives, not fireworksHappy 4th of […]

Sunday Fun – Get Motivated

Here are some motivational posters I’d like to see. You may also enjoySunday Fun – Caption this photoI came across this photo awhile back and have been trying to work it into a post somehow. So I’m … Sunday Fun – Close your doors On a recent family trip we drove past a sub-urban/rural firehouse […]