Sunday Fun – More Posters

Some EMS Motivational posters I’d like to see. You may also enjoyHappy Medic PhotoBomb!A nod to our friends and CE partners Photobomb for the inspiration. Sunday Fun – Welcome Ambulance AttendantsLast week I welcomed the firefighters from around the world, this week a special welcome to all the … Sunday Fun – To the ShopsTurns […]

Sunday Fun – Staying Motivated

I found more motivational posters to share: You may also enjoy#HM12DoC 9 Homeless PsychsOn the ninth Day of Christmas Happy Medic gave to me… 9 Homeless Psychs 8 Asthma Attacks 7 OBs … Complaint DepartmentFor someone called the Happy Medic I do seem to complain a lot.  A recent discussion with a … IdiotAnother great […]

Sunday Fun – Get Motivated

Here are some motivational posters I’d like to see. You may also enjoySunday Fun – the Google”the Google” it is called in my house. The search engine of choice for most.As a part of tracking … Sunday Fun – TelevisionThere is a lot of buzz on the interwebs about a new TV show on NBC […]