The Kilted to Kick Cancer fund raising challenge has begun!


Please support my team HERE and please give what you can!


To motivate you, we hope to be on track to yet again double the previous year’s totals and raise $50,000 towards one of the 3 selected charities.

The goal of all of this is to raise awareness of male specific cancers during the month of September.  We are not exclusively against prostate cancer, we hate all cancers equally.  Trouble is, some cancers are sexier than others and get pro athletes to wear their color, products turn colors and the bulk of the nation sees commercials about walk a thon this and for a cure that.

I support them 100%.

What I don’t support is that it wasn’t until my mid 30s, after learning I had this risk for that cancer and this risk for that one, that TOTWTYTR warned me about my 1 in 36 chance of being killed by something called Prostate Cancer.

“It’s an old man’s disease” we’d been told.  Turns out they only tested old guys.  Now that they moved the test to a lower age range, turns out it’s a young man’s disease as well.

Instead of debating the validity of a PSA test (No one seems to challenge other cancer screenings) I want you to stop for a moment and think about your risk factors for cancer.  Any cancer.  All cancer.

#1 – If you have cancer in the family your risk of having a form of cancer go WAY up.

#2 – If you smoke you will likely develop Lung Cancer, the #1 deadliest and, oddly, most preventable cancer known to human kind.

#3 – Stay out of the sunshine.  Skin cancers are the #3 killer behind lung and prostate (for men and breast cancer for women).

#4 – Your diet.  Chances are you’re like me and don’t have the guts to go full vegan, studied to be the healthiest diet and the most likely diet to reverse and prevent cancer from forming in the first place.  If you don’t want to do that, watch Forks Over Knives to get inspired about adding more fruits and vegetables to your diet.  And I don’t mean a salad with bacon bits and a 1/4 cup or ranch dressing.


Kilted to Kick Cancer would love to find a cure.  But finding a cure means more men are going to be diagnosed and I’m not OK with that.  Last year we learned that over 95% of prostate cancer cases can be treated into remission if found early enough.

So let’s do that.

Talk to your Doctor about screenings, your lifestyle and other things you can do to reduce the risk of cancer.

Talk to your father, uncles, brothers, friends about their cancer risks and spread the word.

Get Kilted!

Get Checked!


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