Keg Bot

Friend of the blog Jody Fielder casually sent me this link this morning via facebook:




Mother. Of. God.

Video to follow.

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One thought on “Keg Bot”

  1. One of my favorite pubs in Seattle has something similar to this and it is much better than a dimly lit chalk board or trying to read the tap handels. The tap list is on several flat screen displays. The beer, brewery, style, ABV, and price are listed along with a graphic representing how much is left in the keg. There is also a list of the next four beers to come on tap. They sell full pours, size depending on style and 2oz. pours of everything. I like to sample the various Belgians they import but they stock a pretty good variety, eighteen taps, about a hundred bottles including ciders and several meads that are available by the glass.

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