Surely you’ve all seen Statter911 and FireLaw’s take on the Miami Dade Angry Captain for shouting at the public for…well…I can’t figure out why.  Dude wants to shoot video in public, dude can.  Dude isn’t covered by HIPAA.  Curt mentions a safety zone, dude is across the street.  My young daughters and I were closer than this when REACH landed at a firehouse on open house day.  No shouting was involved.  This is Risk Management in reverse, placing so much fear into providers about cameras that they snap thinking they’re going to get fined for a violation.  Only to make them look a fool the world over.

Let’s take a few IF pills, shall we?

IF, somehow, the video catches some kind of PHI (Protected Health Information) there is no HIPAA violation.  If the crew inadvertantly loses a PCR sheet in the prop wash and the guy on the camera picks it up…maybe, just maybe that could be considered…MAYBE…and incidental disclosure of PHI.

The fine?


So long as the agency can prove they did as much as they could to prevent the paper from flying away, no harm no foul.


There, isn’t that easy?

So why all the fear around the privacy legislation?  Because it’s changing?  Have you read the changes?  Still won’t include dude on the sidewalk, still won’t fine you for letting dude film and still won’t require personal liability insurance in the event of an incidental disclosure no matter what the insurance salesman tells you.


After dozens of pages determining if your agency must comply with the legislation, HIPAA says this: (paraphrasing)

“Don’t be a dick. Don’t tell stories about people or take pictures or use their personal information, OK?”

It does not mention violating the freedom of the press in the name of a law you never read and clearly do not understand.  GRANTED the Angery Captain never mentions HIPAA in his request for code 3 PD (I can hear Motorcop’s eyes rolling), my guess is that was the reason for his outburst.


More importantly…WHAT IS THAT TRANSPORT UNIT?!?!

That thing is a BEAST!  I cringe looking at the front overhang and thinking of some of the hills in San Francisco.  Sure we have Engines, Trucks and Squads with overhangs, but they are much higher centered.  And a crew cab?  I like it for the future of EMS being more centered on getting patients places without having to recline them, but dang, that’s a lot of space.  Can anyone speak to the history of this design in Miama Dade?  I like the idea of something new, but it still looks like a box on a frame.  It appears to be a Spartan RT.

Is the Captain in the video Angry about these rigs perhaps?

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