I’m not one to name drop on this blog, just ask my good friend Kelly Grayson.


That being said I had an interesting conversation with someone who shall not be named who stopped by my Medical Director’s office on Friday.  In from out of town he was curious about or current ramp up to pick up another 10-15% of the response market share and how we were planning on doing it.

Phrases like workload, UhU, time on task, staggered starts, logistics gap and dozens of others were immediately understood by all 3 parties and the conversation was inspiring.  What we have been trying to explain to regulators, the field crews and the bean counters was immediately understood, digested and we got an honest review of our efforts so far.

Just as interesting was when this expert made suggestions on where to go next that we had already put in motion.

The entire conversation lasted about 2 hours and solidified a lot of our methods and decisions in a field that has 1000 different solutions for a half a dozen problems.  The great part about sharing ideas is that we all learn what works for some and not for others and can apply the successes while avoiding the mistakes.

He asked what our start times were, we answered.  We were doing it right.

He asked what our deployment plan was, we answered.  We were doing it right.

We talked about the difficulties ahead in justifying the plan that calls for more hires, more units and more equipment and he shared some ideas.  Now we can do it right.

I don’t expect every CFO to understand how UhU alone is a waste of time and that the return on investment is useless if we don’t directly collect our receipts.  Sometimes a chance to talk to someone who “gets it” can inspire you to keep fighting.

So what did I do?  I went on vacation.

See you in a week Internets.


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