If you don’t understand why bowties and fezs are cool, this post will make no sense.

But feel free to give it a shot.


The Doctor – The last of the Timelords who stole the TARDIS and ran away.

TARDIS – Time and Relative Dimension in Space.  A craft that can travel through space and time who stole a Timelord and ran away.


To understand the relationship the Doctor has with the Tardis just think 100 times more intense than the relationship Mal has with Serenity.  If that made no sense, just go back to whatever rock you live under.

A friend on the Facebook linked to a blog called saralinwilde which comments on a fandom costume.  THE fandom costume.

Tardis Dress




When they’re alone, the Doctor often refers to the Tardis as Sexy.  This fits.

The woman in the dress is reported to be Sasha Trabane, who is also the designer and seamstress.

There have been dozens of amazing Tardis dresses in the fandom culture, but this one goes so far beyond expectations it stopped me in my tracks.

The dress is perfect before the addition of the panel.  You see, non Whovians, the Tardis is a phone box on the outside, but that is just a cloaking device.  It’s bigger on the inside.

That’s a running joke on the show, that folks that first see inside comment that it’s bigger on the inside.

Not a running joke are some of the comments the dress, and it’s designer/occupant are getting as the image makes the rounds.

I won’t mention them here, other than to say there are some lonely men with warped concepts of beauty.  They see the dress as something covering a girl.

I see someone who loves the Doctor as much as I do.  No, more.

The creativity, the skill, the sheer LOVE that went into making that dress, putting it on and going out is something to admire, to encourage, to emulate.  It may sound odd, but it took me a few moments to notice the girl wearing the Tardis Blue dress with the kick ass panel.

As someone who ran 12 kilometers in a full suit, bow tie and suspenders, this girl, Sasha, puts me in my place.


Don’t listen to the internet trolls Sasha, listen to that voice in your head that guided you to make that amazing dress and  continue to kick ass.


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