Brown TwinsYou’ve seen them.

If you live in the City, you’ve seen them more than once.

Dressed to the nines, hair perfectly coiffed and makeup perfect,  their outfits always matching, Vivian and Marian Brown are San Francisco legends.  You will see them sitting having a coffee in Nob Hill or wandering Union Square.  I even met them in my line of work and Vivian was the first one to tell you she was older and always will be.

They did everything together.

As girls in Michigan they always dressed alike.  They were co-valedictorians, they both moved to San Francisco in 1970 and got work as secretaries.

Their style made them a bit of a tourist attraction.

After a fall last year the City banded together to raise money to keep them together during this hard time.

I’m not sure what we’ll do now.

Vivian Brown died yesterday.

Half an icon remains.  For the first time I know of, they did something separately.


Goodbye Vivian Brown, the City will miss you.

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