Ambulance Facility Must Haves

Many an article looks at ambulance design, Paramedic training, policies and protocols but I’ve been wrestling with a different kind of barrier to quality: The Fleet Yard.


More specifically, I was wondering what your must have list is for an ambulance deployment center.


Is it indoors, well lit, vending machines, training on site, locker rooms, showers, supply techs, drive through ambulance wash…

Here’s my must haves if I could build a brand new facility:

  • Drive through restocking and shift change
  • Onsite mechanical repair
  • Onsite scheduling, CQI and training
  • Indoor secured fleet and employee parking
  • Vehicle Service Techs for restocking
  • In-unit mobile data gateway repair (after I get them installed that is)
  • Crew lounge
  • Locker rooms with full showers
  • Gym

Let me know what your must haves are, maybe you’re thinking of something I’m not.


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8 thoughts on “Ambulance Facility Must Haves”

  1. Little things. The number of lockers must match the number of people assigned, and those lockers should be big enough to accomodate the shift. Those working a 24-hour shift schedule should be provided enough room for bedding items, spare uniform, toiletries, etc. Those working a 12-hour shift schedule should be provided enough room for a spare uniform, toiletries, etc.

    Also need to have a washer and dryer.

    If assigned turnout gear, need to have a secure place to store it.

    There needs to be enough refrigerator space to accomodate the number of people assigned, as well as space to securely store food items, spices, etc.

    I’ll take the medical library concept a bit further- subscriptions to medical journals that are available online to the individual personnel.

    Secure parking space for personal vehicles that are not “down the block”.

    1. Of course, you are talking about a ‘central facility’, I think. I don’t think such a facility would work any better than what we are already doing where I am working at now. I was thinking more along the lines of ‘stations’.

  2. A place to sleep if you’re going to be there more than 12 hours… My FT job we’re on call on our off shifts and get a bedroom, but my PT job we’re on duty for up to 4 days at a time and the choices for sleeping places are limited to a couch, a cot in a storage room and a cot in the ambulance. Not cool.

  3. Clinical simulator/training lab. Secure records storage. Decon stations. Large boardroom with additional theatre seating and 20′ computer projection screen for seminars/training/briefings/get-togethers/emergency operations centre. Back-up generator.

  4. I second the coffeemaker (maybe even a Keurig, so various folks can have their own favorites), sleeping areas, etc. Don’t forget toilets (I’ve been in one station that did). Since this is all fantasy anyway, how about separate bedrooms? That way, mixed genders don’t have to share rooms (I have seen that in a number of smaller departments, usually big enough for a twin bed, a shelf and clothes hooks). Good big kitchen, for preparing Michael Morse’s tasty delights. Area for fitness center. Decent-sized meeting/training room, fully equipped (TV/DVD/projector/screen, etc). Basketball hoop in back (or maybe on apparatus floor, for inclement weather).

    Most important… storage space for Emergency! (the entire series) on DVD.

  5. Have an attached, fenced in break area for the smokers. I’m not a smoker, but I’ve learned that if you don’t do that, smokers will comprise security by leaving doors ajar so that can hear the PA and get back inside quickly..

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