Put Medic 99 back on the board.


HMHQ was hit with a Tabnabbing attack.

In layman’s terms, I got phished.

In terms grandma can understand I got tricked into giving out my login information.


Tabnabbing is a tricky, and scary, thing.  THIS link will take you to an article that explains it as well as giving you a safe example.

Too afraid to check the link?  OK.  it goes like this:

A site like mine with reasonably general security settings based on shareware code gets a bit of code added to it by a hacker.  The code simply waits until you open the page, then tab away.  When the information that another page has been opened goes past, the tabnabber switches my blog to look like a login screen for something like gmail or ebay.  You tab over thinking you had it open and got timed out.  So you log in.  As you do the code nabs your login info, keeps it and then immediately sends it along to the site you’re trying to log in to.  As far as you know everything is fine.


The giveaway, thankfully, was when their code caused the tab for HMHQ to become a drug ad.  As soon as I realized they were logged in as me and locked me out I called Setla and down went HMHQ.


We wanted to make sure this install was clean and knew exactly what had happened before going back up, hence the delay.  Thanks for coming back.


Needless to say I now only keep tabs open that don’t need a login ESPECIALLY email, bank and social media.  This also prompted me to revisit my stellar passwords.


Back to the action soon,


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