Pre-Requisites for the Chicago Rescue Squad?

Many Fire Departments have strenuous and extensive requirements to make their rescue squad.

In NBC’s new show Chicago Fire, apparently all you have to do is have worked as an EMT in San Francisco.

Taylor Kinney as SFFD EMS EMT Probie Glenn Morris in Trauma




Taylor Kinney as Lieutenant Kelly Severide on NBC’s new show Chicago Fire


Not bad, SFFD EMT to CFD Lieutenant in 3 short years.

Also interesting that both Departments seem to have such lax rules regarding rugged facial hair.


After this show is cancelled what do you think Kelly will return as?

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7 thoughts on “Pre-Requisites for the Chicago Rescue Squad?”

  1. It’s not just the FDs with the rugged facial hair, it’s darn near every show on TV (including “Real Screaming Fishwives of Hoboken.” About the only clean-shaven show (with men) that I can think of is NCIS. Even NCIS:LA has ‘rugged facial hair.’

    I’m with you (if I grasp your point): it looks unprofessional and downright awful.

  2. Well….lessee…..

    Battalion Chief with FDNY?

    ‘nuther half a country jump and a few pay grades….

    And if they re-made Emergency! he’d have to be FF Kelly.

  3. Naw. I’m guessing, as with all rapid ladder climbers, he’ll be the NYPD Commissioner when Tom Selleck retires in 3 years or so.

    Logic behind it:

    3 years ago: Working bottom of the totem pole probie EMS in SFFD.

    Present day: Promoted to LT, moved to Chicago FD, and to suppression.

    3 years from now: NYPD Commish

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