I’ve been getting messages on Twitter, Facebook and in the old fashioned email inbox (who uses email anymore?) about when to wear the kilts at Expo, will I be at the ZOLL booth as usual and how much are autographs going to be this year?

(Always free for you Dave Konig)


To answer all your questions would take more than 30 seconds and I don’t have that kind of time, so I’ll answer them all right here, right now.


Sadly I am unable to attend this year’s drunken romp through another City EMS EXPO.  This would have been 1 too many trips far, far away this year and with the new gig at work, time off gets complicated.


However, Mr Grayson has arranged for the 30th (tomorrow) to be kilted day at EXPO, possibly creating a tradition born last year in Vegas when we kicked off KTKC.  I will be kilted in solidarity here at HMHQ.

Learn bunches, network bunches more and let your liver know just what you think of it.  I would humbly ask that all my blogging peeps stop by the ZOLL booth to say hello and check out the Z series monitor, it fits in your pocket and updates the patient’s social media accounts as to their condition.  No, really, go take a look!


In all seriousness I’m going to miss all of you this year and hope I can make Baltimore (oops, DC) in the spring for EMS Today.

Lift a pint for me!

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