Mr Kelly Greyson, @ambodriver, has a blog audience I would kill for.  Well, maybe maim, for…OK, I’d give someone a good dutch rub for.

Point being, when Kelly wants to spread the word he can.  And when it came to Kilted to Kick Cancer he was not good enough with just raising awareness.

However, Kelly has the rest of us at a disadvantage.  He has a larger audience than me so has a better chance at getting more donations to his site.  Turns out Kelly is also up against folks with a bigger audience than his.


As a result Kelly has “stooped” to “cheap” tricks to raise funds for Prostate Cancer Awareness Month.  He offers challenges so that if a certain dollar amount is reached he’ll do or post something degrading all for a good cause.


I have dubbed these stoopings “Kilted Challenges.”

Not to be outdone, I challenged noted KTKC co-founder Motorcop to don his knee high Motorcop boots with his kilt.  He scoffed at first, then a facebook post found a possible $50 donation to see the pic.




Kilted has a benefit night coming up on September 26th at a local bar and Mr Ted Setla will be there with his camera recording the event.


I offer the following #KiltedChallenge:


For $100 total donations to my fundraising site with the name “Scotsman” I will stand up in front of the crowd and recite the Scotsman Song.

For $500 I’ll do it with a blue silk ribbon you know where.


Wadda ya say interwebs?  Can we raise some money for cancer research or what?

Click on the image above to be redirected to the Prostate Cancer Foundation collection point and enter your name as Scotsman to be credited to this challenge.  OR you can always drop a few bucks as anonymous, or yourself, the important thing is that you get checked.

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