Stress and worry moved into the office next to mine a few weeks back.

There was no precipitating factor, no big event, just all of a sudden I was upset, felt overworked and seemed to be missing my family more and more.

Work was getting complicated.

Life seemed never ending, always something we needed to do this week, weekend, next week, coming up.

It seemed as if I was drowning.

Often a break from the blog helps, but it didn’t this time.


It was a facebook update and a call from a friend that put my reality in check.  Both stories have the same arch villain.




A co-worker found herself under the knife and a classmate needed help when his father-in-law deteriorated rapidly.  The phone call started, “Justin, I didn’t know who else to call…”

My problems not only went away I felt bad for thinking I was in trouble in the first place.  We let the little things begin to drag us down.  Each problem a piece of straw, slowly building without notice until we begin to buckle from the weight.


Only in my case I had a small handful of straw I put there on my own.  So I shook it off.

I am alive, I have my health and my family is healthy.  The rest is icing.


Get checked.



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