It was 4 years ago today that a frustrated, stressed, borderline meltdown firefighter and Paramedic sat in front of a computer and began a therapy experiment.

It has fizzled, flown, soared even, and at other times consumed my time at the cost of ignoring my family.


This little blog helped me recover from the feeling that I was going to die and wondered why I only got hurt instead.

This blog took me to England,


To Baltimore,

To places I never dreamed.


But here, when HM smiles back at me from the homepage, I remember when it was more about therapy and less about EMS.  Now it is more about EMS and less about therapy, but when I feel stressed or need to unwind, I know that the keyboard is waiting and HM will say what needs to be said to make things right.


Thanks for stopping by these last 4 years and I hope you’ll keep coming back.

Happy Birthday, Happy.



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