I was told recently that I have paid my dues in EMS and have the right to speak my mind.

Funny, my check never cleared.

I’ve been:

  • puked on,
  • peed on,
  • gotten ROSC
  • called a code on scene
  • carried limbs
  • carried dead limbs
  • extricated patients
  • extricated bodies
  • carried those who can not walk
  • carried those who could
  • been hurt in a fire
  • helped those hurt in a fire
  • laughed at jokes that are not funny
  • told those that are worse
  • run 23 jobs in 24 hours
  • been an entire paycheck without a call

And yet I don’t feel that I have paid my dues.

I talk a lot.

I write a bit.

Haven’t done much.  Really.

AD says some medics have 1 year of experience repeated 20 times, I wonder if I am falling into that category.

I’m going to be taking one of those famous blogger breaks, where I try to ignore the interwebs machine and get my own house in order.

See you on the other side, Ray.

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