“Control to Engine 40…”

“Engine 40 go.”

“Engine 40 be advised there is a reported blockage, we’re upgrading this to a haz mat, stand by…”

“Units dispatched, Engine 36 on Haz Mat 1, Rescue Squad 1, Rescue Squad 2, Engine 19, Engine 40, Truck 19, Battalion 8, RC2, Medic 99, Medic 77, Medic 54 for the Haz Mat…units stand by…”

“Control, this is Engine 40, we’re on scene you can cancel that haz mat response.”

“Units responding to the haz mat, cancel…”

“Control, Engine 40, we have a woman reporting a long line at the checkout stand at the grocery store.  That’s your blockage.  Cancel this and send me PD please.”

“Copy Engine 40, do you need them code 3?”

I’m guessing not.

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