Overheard in the Risk Manager’s Office

The phone rings while I’m immersed in discussion with one of the field Captains.  A man is asking for help with an elevator.  I get all manner of complaint calls, so this one is a welcome change.

Medical Expert (ME) – “Sure I can help you”

Stair Phobic (SP) – “Yes, I need a copy of your stair ordinance that says how tall a building has to be before it gets an elevator.”

ME – “Well, that sounds more like a building code question, have you been to City hall?”

SP – “Yes, but specifically I need to know where it says that you have to have an elevator for the paramedics.”

ME – “That would be a lovely addition to the building code, but currently no such statute exists.  Why do you ask?”

SP – “Our elevator has been out of service for weeks and the building owner is taking too long getting it fixed, so I thought I’d remind him that the Paramedics will need it if anyone gets hurt.”

ME – “If you’re on the 30th floor and get hurt and the elevator is broken, we’ll get to you and get you out if we need to, elevator or no.”

SP – “But where does it say that?”

ME – “That’s just what we do.”

SP – “Do you train your people that?”

ME – “Of course.”

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One thought on “Overheard in the Risk Manager’s Office”

  1. We had a similar discussion here a few months ago – had an OHS&W “expert” ride a long with a crew for a few shifts. I think he quit his job shortly after.
    There’s an amazing amount of (non-clinical in particular) stuff we “just do” because that’s what has to be done to get the job done.

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