Please Albert, not in mixed company

Sometimes we spend a few days with like minded folks and forget that we speak differently when around them.  We speak candidly about our jobs, our frustrations and our opinions of others not like us.


When waiting with a large crowd for the train at the airport it is not advisable to have a raucous conversation about people who commit suicide by jumping off of buildings.  You compared highest falls, genders, dispersal of remains, even splatter patterns.  The disgusted looks you were getting from those around you went unnoticed by you but I’m sure they took note of your ambulance companies which were prominently displayed on your shirts.  I tried to get your attention to distract you, but when you made the Humpty Dumpty joke, I decided to pretend I was offended too.  It wasn’t hard at all.


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One thought on “Please Albert, not in mixed company”

  1. Cue Bill Murray quote from Ghostbusters 2. “BOYS!! BOYS!! YOU’RE SCARING THE STRAIGHTS!!”

    I have seen this happen countless times, once at a doctors office while another EMT transport crew was in the waiting room telling war stories, laying on the seats, propping their boots up the chairs. I was ashamed of my profession. I tried my best to tell them through my stares that their actions where inappropriate, but they remained clueless. It seemed almost as if they where trying to not only impress the “straights” in the waiting room, but us as well. There is a time and a place! If you have to ask, it ain’t now and it ain’t here! 
    In fact, I think I will write about that incident tonight!

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