Yes, I swore.  In the title.

I accidentally clicked on IE on the home computer and didn’t notice until the blog loaded.  Slowly…and wrong.

I have no idea how long you’ve been looking at a sub standard version of what I have created for you and for that I apologize.  But really, not one email about how shitty it looked?  I can only assume that since 40% of you are visiting using Internet Explorer, you’ve wondered why the sidebar was at the bottom, why there was a bunch of stuff 8000 pixels to the right and yet no one thinks to drop me a line?

Or did you think I was just a coding idiot and decided to give me the internet version of the pat on the head and a “Oh bless his heart?”

So here we go: is best viewed using anything other than Internet Explorer.

Try Chrome or Firefox (international visitors, find your appropriate versions), both accept all formats of programming language and will greatly enhance your interwebs experience.  My writing is better in Firefox, the porn is classier and all the political humor is on your side.

It’s not perfect in IE, never really will be, so for your own sake, grab a new browser and do us all a favor.

And those of you reading the mobile version: disregard.

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