Give me a Better Company Mission Statement

When I attended ZOLL Summit there were a number of presentations about unifying the crews around a common goal, a mission statement.

I’m sure most of you have a mission statement in the 5-8 sentence category going on and on about what high level, competent sensitive care you give pre-hospital and how you strive and compassion and blah blah blah.

Can we get a REAL mission statement here?


If you were asked to write your company’s mission statement… what would it be?  Bloggers, what should it entail? What should it mean? Who should it inspire? our people? Their People? Anyone? Anything?



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6 thoughts on “Give me a Better Company Mission Statement”

  1. Personally. I prefer simplicity. This is what I would say:
    “Our mission is to do our best to serve our community day in and day out.”

  2. Actually, the mission statement (and vision statement) for our company are great. But the culture doesn’t match. So, there’s the real problem – and true in most companies.

  3. I agree, mission statements, core values, all that wonderful stuff looks great, but if it’s not reflected in the atmosphere and culture of the workplace, in every aspect, the power is lost.

    The company I worked for had all this laid out beautifully, but there’s no true understanding or living of it, so it’s all for nothing.

  4. Our company mission statement is: “The needs of the patient come first.”  Seems to serve as a good reminder what we are here to do.  

  5. Generally Mission Statements are written so as to sound good, but not offend anyone. As a result they are overly long and don’t really say anything of value. It’s just another fad, which will fade away at some point.

    When my outfit was redoing all that crap, they asked for suggestions. My first was “For duty and humanity”, but someone got the joke so they rejected it.

    The second was “Emergency Care and Transportation of the Sick and Injured”, but it was deemed too inaccurate because so little of what we do actually involved emergencies, care, or the sick or injured. That left “Transportation” but management didn’t like that. 

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