Once again another great ZOLL Summit has come to a close and I have so many exciting things to take back to my system my brain hurts.

I know many of you think that means I didn’t get too much, but the trick is prioritizing.

Many of the data systems currently deployed by my agency are not being leveraged for their full potential.  Many of the reasons for this can be traced back to one problem in particular:


Moving data.


Many of the users I have spoken to are moving data reliably and are able to analyze it and act on it.  We have trouble moving data and as a result spend time we could be using analyzing on chasing data.

There have been a number of solutions presented, but a glaring system wide issue keeps us from moving forward and maximizing our efficiencies.

I attended a session today where the speaker talked about how to leverage technology to get your crews from a .4 UHU to a .44 UHU.



We’re averaging a .9.  If my crews had a .44 they’d probably throw a parade for whoever did it.

After the presentation I was approached by my counterpart at a large East Coast agency who wanted to know how we got so efficient with our field supervisors.  We’re all doing something great and need to share it.

Getting ready to head for the airport I wonder if my excitement about the small enhancements I can implement will get drowned out by the problems awaiting me back at the office.  I can only hope that because I have networked with systems who are succeeding where mine is struggling, we can work on solutions that are mutually beneficial.


We’ll see I guess, but first it’s the 14 day drive from Denver to the Denver Airport.  I’ll send up a beacon if we get lost.


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