60’s Folks Music is one of my favorite genres of music.  I love the simplicity of some of the stories, but really that they tell a story about a specific group at a specific time.

From poor Charlie stuck on the MTA, Dom Dooley singing about his pending execution,  even a couple of brothers singing about a dead girl on the beach, Jenny Brown, they aren’t just rhymes, but snapshots in history.

One of my favorite songs growing up was the Mammas and the Pappas Creeque Alley.  It’s a fun song about a lot of their friends, but I didn’t notice until recently that everyone in that song was influential in not only folk music, but in their becoming a group and landing success.  What I thought was a simple fun tune about their friends was really a giant “Thank You” to all the singers that laid the ground work for their success.

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_E3VqmyNgVU’]

When I hear the opening notes to Creeque Alley now, there is one line I can’t get out of my head that just wandered in one day driving home from work: “Mark and Justin, preconceptions they were bustin’…”

So I got up early this morning and played the song with the post editor open and the following is what filled my mind when I thought back to what inspired Mark Ted and me to get off our butts and do something.


EMS Alley

To the tune of Creeque Alley by the Mammas and the Poppas

Filmin’ Level Zero, showin’ lots of heroes
Setla lays down a big bet;
Down in Lou’siana, workin’ for Acadian;
Kelly hasn’t met Ron yet.
At a microphone Jamie sat,
The garage with Montera a great place to chat.
Mark and Justin preconceptions they were bustin’ in S.F.,
You know the address.
But no one’s seein’ change in EMS.

Ron he said, “Kelly, you know there aren’t many”
Who know patient care the way that you do, let’s podcast”
Kelly said Ron don’t you know it’s not wrong,
Newbies need advice that will last.
Now Ron and Kelly friends they be
Every Friday morning recording the Newbie.
Mark says Justin, care for profit is disgustin in S.F.,
You know the address.
And no one’s seein change in EMS.

In S.F. Ted planned, tried to get to England,
The NEAS said no way.
Ted quite discouraged, worked up the courage,
“Justin take video all day”
When Kaiser flew in to get the real scoop;
The CoEMS tweetup sure was a great group.
Mark and Justin couldn’t get enough words in,
But that’s what they’re all tryin’ to express.
That no one’s seein’ change in EMS.

Web logs, new jobs, No room for big slobs—
Don’t you want your change right away.
Wake up, stand up, everything is made up;
HIPAA says it has to be that way.
Chris, Dave and JEMS they formed a network;
Dave, Rogue and Too Old also gathered their work.
Mark and Justin getting some attention in S.F.,
At the Premiere of Chronicles with their guests.
This might just have a chance to change EMS.

Chiefs, Captains and critics, so many cynics,
Don’t understand the change that we seek.
Dridge and Setla tryin’ to keep us in the hoopla—
More bloggers each day and each week.
Uphill climb feels like we’re in the Andes;
Gaining recognition and respect from MDs.
All these good vibrations and our imaginations
Can’t go on indefinitely.
And change in EMS is becomin’ a reality…

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