The B is for beer.

A few weeks back I mentioned preparations were under way to cook another batch of beer and asked on facebook if anyone had an idea of what I should cook next.

Noted ornithologist and man about town @ChicagoMedic suggested a hop forward pale ale, perhaps called “Hopatitus B.”


Well, today I cooked that beer, here’s the recipe.

1.5 lb Crystal 15L

8 lbs light malt extract (yes, I’m still cooking with extract)

30 mins  1 oz Chinook hops

5 mins 1oz Amarillo hops

5 mins 1oz Centennial hops

5 mins 1oz Cascade hops

14 days 1oz Cascade hops

14 days 1oz Amarillo hops

14 days 1oz Chinook hops

14 days 1oz Centennial hops

Pacific Ale Yeast WLP041 (to keep it from being too chewy)

Original Gravity 1.050 – target 1.056, estimated ABV 5.8%.


To say this is going to be a hoppy IPA is an understatement.  For you non beer types, my last batch had 1.5oz hops total.  This batch is 8oz.  It already smells delicious and hasn’t even started fermenting yet.


It’ll need a label…any ideas?

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