Arise Kilted Army! We have a man in need!

Kilted brethren, we have a man in trouble!

The Granite City High School in St Louis has denied a student’s request to attend the prom in his family tartan kilt.  The reason?

“[we] want men to dress like men.”


Before you get too fired up, take a deep breath.  Oh hell, screw taking a deep breath, this kid needs our support.  His primary appeal was denied and he’s taking the fight to the school board.  Follow THIS link to get full story.

And when you’re done, email these folks and tell them a kilt IS a man’s article of clothing and celebrates a proud culture!

I want their inboxes FLOODED with respectful messages from the Kilted to Kick Cancer gang.  Don’t get angry and prove their point, just tell them why they’re making a huge mistake on the misunderstanding that a kilt is a dress.

I won’t mention the kid’s name here but it is in the linked article.  I’m proud he’s not sitting down and taking this like they want him to, but standing up and fighting for his rights!  I can only imagine how many young ladies will be pushing the definition of “appropriate” on that evening and all this kid wants to do is respect his heritage.


Let’s go Kilted Army!  Let’s make this thing viral!

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8 thoughts on “Arise Kilted Army! We have a man in need!”

      1. *Sean Connery*
        But back on the topic, when a South Pacific Islander man wears their lava-lava (a sarong like skirt,) they are not “dressing like a man”? Have they seen them?? Few men are more manly. I would pay big money to watch the school board tell a Samoan that he looks like a girl… I could then practice my trauma skills…

  1. Does that not fall in the category of discrimination because of his ethnic background. I personally would like to see these kids show up to prom wearing kilts.

  2. In high school, while trying out for Macbeth, my theater friends and I made a pact that we would wear kilts to the prom. 

    We were outvoted by the girlfriends.  >.<

    (Our theater adviser also decided that Macbeth was too large an undertaking for our small/nonexistent budget and facilities, so we didn’t even get to do the play.  Double suckage.) 

  3. Pathetic.  I agree wouldn’t it fall under discrimination? – esp as shown he is proud of his family heritage and has worn out before, not some joke!  In 2 weeks in NYC, during Tartan Week, my sister is marrying a man from Scotland, who will as all the male guests from Scotland and some Americans of Scottish heritage, at a 350 person wedding at one on NYC’s most famous and posh spots, be in their family tartan kilt.  As he said today when I sent this to him, “We are from warriors – and there is nothing unmanly about a kilt…tell that to out ancestors..I recall when Sean Connery was accused of being ‘too fancy’ when he came to the Oscars in his kilt that year.”  Pure ignorance…

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