No autographs please

Early on the morning of January 1st I was flexed out as an additional ALS single resource and jumped a call at one of our regular spots.

I made patient contact, completed my assessment and cancelled the ALS ambulance instead opting for the more appropriate BLS ambulance.  We don’t usually have this kind of flexibility, but the system was so overwhelmed, the local EMS Agency brought in additional cars from additional companies in the area.

The BLS unit arrived from a company I had seen, but never worked with.  The EMTs seemed a bit excited to be responding to a scene instead of a facility, and I was trying my best to a)stay awake and b) keep my patient in good spirits.

I completed my hand off and helped walk the patient to the back of the ambulance and after double checking they were OK accepting the patient I said good morning and began to walk back to the buggy.

“You’re that blogger aren’t you?” she asked.  I turned.

“First time anyone’s called me that while at work,” I cryptically answered.

“Yeah, I read your stuff. I used to think you made it up but,” she motioned towards the ambulance, “you can’t make this stuff up.”

“The blog seems to write itself most days.  Be safe.”

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2 thoughts on “No autographs please”

  1. I had a similar surreal moment on a long distance critical care transport to a hospital 210 miles away.

    Doc taking my report listened attentively for a few minutes, nodded, and then said offhandedly, “Oh, loved your post about Fibromyalgia Claus.”

    Compounding the embarrassment, apparently that post had been circulated around the ED. Several docs and nurses were delighted to meet Ambulance Driver. I felt like a rock star. 😉

  2. I had that as a non-EMS podcaster. I was IMing the tech support manager at my last job, mentioned I had to record that weekend. He sends back, joking, “You’re not , are you?”
    Hee hee. I was.
    Also got it at a couple Scott Sigler readings.
    I love the internet.

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