…how many Fire Chiefs does it take to turn off a toilet?



Doing my usual work up on the third floor of FD HQ, our new Deputy Chief of Operations starts digging through a small tool box near the door to my office.  Not one to let a gold badge do something someone else could do, I offer to help locate the tools he needs.  He’s in a hurry and needs a wrench.  I know where some are.

“Give me those…and come downstairs, we might need you,” he says as he almost runs for the stairs.  My sleeves are rolled up as I exit the second floor stairwell and see a small wave of water exiting the men’s room as the door closes ahead of me where the Deputy just went in.

As I opened the door I learned the answer.

To turn off an overflowing toilet takes 1 Deputy Chief, 1 Assistant Deputy Chief and 1 Division Chief.

Before I could open my mouth to offer help I hear the Division Chief say, “Hey, get out of here, gold badges only.”

Damn executive washroom.

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