The first recorded EMS Bromance was in the late 17th century when two stretcher carriers began to hang out together off the battlefield.

Centuries later a Geordie Paramedic and a Yankee Fireman who spent most of his time providing EMS began reading each others blogs on the interwebs.

Reading led to commenting, commenting led to cross posting, cross posting led to extensive discussions, discussions led to podcasts and podcasts led to a TV pilot.

There was a little more to it, but that’s the gist of mine and Mark Glencorse’s friendship.  It started with curiosity about each other’s systems and led to what will surely be a lifelong friendship.  Mark made a huge impact in my life and my career.  While this therapy experiment called the Happy Medic was helping me heal, learning from Mark and the community that I discovered has helped me grow, both personally and professionally.  I think we can all agree that when I first noticed a visitor to the blog was from outside the US, telling me that years later I would be watching videos of us goofing off around San Francisco and England would have brought a chuckle.

But watching the videos reminds me of how passionate about EMS Mark and I were and how we wanted to share our unique experience with as many people as possible.  That passion remains.  A passion not just for running calls and treating patients, but also looking outside the ambulance for solutions.

I chose a staff job at HQ.

Mark is heading into the private sector.

Although his blog 999Medic was shuttered awhile ago, Mark is still active in the online EMS Communities on Facebook and Twitter.  This week Mark will be working his last shift in EMS.


I have accepted the honor of hosting a message from Mark about the experience very soon.


I hope that when it is up you will read it and share it with your friends, readers and co-workers.

Stay safe,


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