Greg Friese issued a challenge of sorts to some bloggers the other day:

“Take Sean Eddy’s excellent series about famous people as Paramedics and let’s all do a Tim Tebow one.”


I imagine the idea was to see how different bloggers interpret the pop culture figure and perhaps learn more about them in the process.

So here goes:

If Tim Tebow was a Paramedic…

I would still not know who he is, nor care too much.

People get upset when he prays at the scene of a call.  That’s his right, surely, but there is a time and a place and at the scene ain’t it.

From recent accounts he would be useless at the scene of the call but wrap up the tube, the vent and the Dopamine piggyback in the time it takes to get the rig from the street to the ED entrance.  Then he’d take all the credit and point upwards.

But on the ones we lose he won’t point up.

Tim Tebow as a Paramedic would last about 3 weeks in any EMS system.  Especially when the “Roxies” get to him.  More on that soon.

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