EMS blogs pop up all the time, write a few posts, then suddenly nothing.  Maybe they got caught, maybe they got bored, maybe they forgot.  One day I read a post from a new blogger calling their site Captain Chair Confessions.  The style was right up my alley and the stories were so familiar I felt an immediate connection with the author.

The frustration, the angst, the sheer hair pulling insanity that can only come from being in EMS for more than 20 minutes in a system or with a partner or in a place that just doesn’t get it.  It’s there.

Also there, if you read carefully, is the withdrawing of a burn out in progress.

I think CCC, as they call themselves for short, has been saved by this amazing therapy experiment called blogging.  Even though the political stuff can get heavy from time to time, it is CCC’s forum and I can skip a post from time to time, but rarely do.

CCC, thanks for making me smile this year and good luck in the future!  I’ll be reading!

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