Happy Awards 2011 – Best Gear

Easy.  Rip Shears.

Tell me you got a set of Rip Shears after my glowing review.  If you carry a pen (2 actually) you should be carrying a set of Rip Shears.

I still carry and will always carry a Rip Shear when in the field.  Sadly, it seems out of place at my desk now that I have a staff job.  But it makes IT think twice about questioning my format on the RCSQL server reports.  What?…

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3 thoughts on “Happy Awards 2011 – Best Gear”

  1. I am spoiled rotten. I have never had to experience ems life without rip shears lol. I bought them for my first clinical rotation during emt basic class. 

  2. Mine are scheduled to arrive on 3 January. Between the RipShears, the Mojo Medical Combat Shears (brought to you by Combat Medical Systems), and my Gerber Hinderer rescue knife, there’s not a material I can’t cut. Except metal. But that’s what the K-12s are for…

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