An Ambulance company in Fort Worth, Texas is taking advantage of the black Friday mentality and offering discounts in ambulance services early on Friday morning.

“It’s a chance to break into a section of the population that might not normally think of us” said Bill Lockheart, Manager of Forth Worth’s seventh largest ambulance service provider, Fort Worth Ambulance Group or FWAG. “If they need us, we’re there. But if they need us between 4am and 10 am Friday morning, it’s going to save them 25%.”

Mr Lockheart is not alone in his thinking that savings on goods and services should not be limited to the big box stores and items manufactured in China.

“I call them every week for my asthma,” says 33 year old mother of 8 Stephanie Johnson, “If I can get a discount on Friday morning, that means less Medicare I have to pay.” Ms Johnson was unable to provide documentation to that effect.

Bryan Stevens, a 66 year old diabetic from Galveston was visiting Fort Worth when he heard of the discounts. “Well by golly, have they no shame.  It’s a service for emergencies, not for profit.  I remember my early days as a lad in the…” We cut him off because we saw 40 year old Ted Remmit, an unemployed employment expert who called the Forth Worth Ambulance Group at 4:15 this morning with a sore thumb.

“I pay taxes, this is a service I ‘m entitled to.  You can quote me on that.”

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