You may have seen in recent updates that your pal HM had a rough call not long ago.  While I can’t discuss the particulars, possibly ever, I did want to give some credit to a few folks who made it so much easier to focus on patient care: the police.


Not only did they deal with family and nosy neighbors as we worked, but they did a lot of the behind the scenes stuff.  For example, one officer retrieved additional O2 bottles without being prompted, calling out to us that they were in the hallway if we needed them, and we did.


When we were ready for a backboard they grabbed it and handed it through into the room, AFTER asking which end needed to be handed in first.

As we moved through the small hallways, I noticed a Sergeant moving items off the cluttered stairway and calling out how many steps there were.

Down on the street they had taped off the sidewalk giving us a clear path to the ambulance.

At the hospital they managed family and served as a story teller when the hospital asked questions we had no answers for.


It may seem like simple things or something that should have come naturally, but they have different priorities at the scene than we do.  It is possible that it was simply the nature of this call that got them involved to this extent, but judging by their ability to anticipate our needs, they’ve done it before.


A tip of the helmet to our boys in blue on this one.  Thank you.

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