Tip of the Helmet – Lady in the Flip Flops

It’s easy to see an accident and keep on walking, but something in some people kicks in to make them want to learn more. At a recent accident we’ve all seen on video by now a motorcyclist collided with a car and, surprisingly, they caught fire.
As random folks come to the car and look inside a woman in flip flops does what EVERY rescuer needs to do at EVERY roadway incident:

She looks under the car.

Seeing the unconscious body of the motorcycle rider she tries to lift the car off of him. Others seem interested and when she confirms again “there’s someone under there” the troops are flocking to the scene to lift the car.

You can give credit to the worker who pulled the rider out of harms way, the cops and their interesting fire attack or even the firefighters and paramedics who magically appear, but the real credit goes to flip flop lady and her desire to answer the burning question she had inside: “Where is the rider?”

From NPR: According to the Salt Lake Tribune, Wright suffered a “broken leg, a shattered pelvis, bruised lungs and burned skin,” when he and his motorcycle collided with a car. But, thankfully, he is “well on his way to recovery, his doctors said.”


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4 thoughts on “Tip of the Helmet – Lady in the Flip Flops”

  1. The rider is probably much luckier than he had any right to be.  He wasn’t wearing a helmet, he was in shirt sleeves and what looked like jeans, didn’t even see any indication of eye protection. Be interesting to see what the investigation tags as cause and contributing factors.

  2. I find it interesting that they all pitch in to lift the car and drag him out, but only drag him 5 feet, so the fire is still a threat. No one checks a pulse or renders any kind of first aid or assessment. They all walked away. Then the cops pull out their fire extinguishers and blow the smoke and chemicals into his face.

    It is amazing that will all those people who pitched in to help, not a single one knew what to do after he was dragged from under the car. What a glaring indictment of our society that none of them had any first aid training. There’s a project for your public health/EMS/Fire Prevention organizations.

    1. Well, if we can’t get everyone to medic school (or even EMT-Basic training) how about reminding people that there are plenty of First Aid courses available?  Red Cross, Heart Association, American Safety and Health Institute… lots more, too. A 6 1/2 hour clas (adult/child/infant CPR/AED and first aid) can go a long way towards making everyone safer.

  3. This video is very terrible.
    I’m surprised by watching it and whole thing happened very rapidly. Very
    shocking and I think drivers should drive more carefully.  Anyway thanks buddy for exclusive one.

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