In case some of you were under the illusion that Magnum Boots has an open print order on Kilted to Kick Cancer T-Shirts, think again.

The first, and possibly ONLY Kilted to Kick Cancer T-Shirt is now available solely through Magnum Boots USA.

The cost:  $0.

Seriously, Magnum Boots is charging zero to get a shirt.  All you have to do is email them confirmation that you donated at least $40 to Prostate Cancer Research and let them know your size and POOF – Free Limited Edition T-Shirt.

I honestly thought that we’d run out of shirts in Las Vegas at EMS World Expo so didn’t give much thought to it, but a recent communique from Magnum Boots confirms the mail order amount is starting to slow.

To slow?

I thought we were blazing the trail here guys and gals.  We have roughly a half a month left, barely over 2 weeks to get as much fundraising and awareness done about male cancers before everything turns pink in October.  Everyone’s attention will be shifted to the noble fight against breast cancer and pink shirts will fill the TV, the workplace and people will empty their pockets for the effort as well they should.

But what about the male specific cancer that is set to overtake breast cancer next year if current trends hold?  Think about that for a minute while you fill out the $40 donation to the walk athon or arrange to go see the pink fire engine.

Next year more men will die of prostate cancer than women will die of breast cancer.


Next month most people will go back to not talking about it.  Get a T-Shirt so that you can wear it to the walk a thon and to see the pink fire engine and tell every man you see about their risks.  We’re not going away but your chance to share this important message is.

I don’t usually take this tone in this forum, but after the morning I’ve had somebody has to stand up and start talking.

Please make a donation and send your proof to Magnum to get a free shirt so that your donation can be the starting point of a conversation that could save more lives than any walk a thon or pink fire engine.  Cancer needs to be stopped and that takes research and research takes money.  To get the money we must raise awareness and me wearing this kilt all month and having these conversations may have already saved someone…who knows.  But a simple giggle from a T-shirt could start a conversation that could save a life.

If unsure of where to send your donation, Magnum Boots can help:

To get yours, donate $40 or more to, then email us your size and proof of donation to You can also send us a check, made to Prostate Cancer Foundation, to:

Magnum USA

Attn. Marketing

4801 Stoddard Rd

Modesto, CA


Don’t let what we started die here and don’t give just to help a blogger win a contest.  Give because you know it’s the right thing to do.



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