Well done for the month folks.  Our awareness campaign about male specific cancers during September can only be categorized as a success!

I’m out of the banner for a few weeks on a well earned vacation with Mrs Happy Medic and won’t know the details of the fundraising efforts, but if we raised more than $1 I’m happy.


Kilted will continue, just in an abbreviated form, meeting whenever we feel like strapping on the kilts and drawing some stares.  The message will continue, of course, and plans are already in the works for a bigger and better KTKC 2012!


To those who wore kilts, well done.  To those who donated, thank you.  And to those bloggers that took up Kelly’s fund raising challenge, thank you for turning your readers’ attention towards a worthy cause.  At the end of all of this a special thank you to Too Old to Work who opened my eyes to my own risk factors and to Russel Stine who continues to scare the living shit out of me as he shares his cancer experience with us on his blog.

Inspiration comes from many places, the trick is spotting it.

Get your kilt ordered now for next year!


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