As @ssgtjbroyles has been reminding me since the t-minus 90 days mark, EMS Expo in Las Vegas has snuck up and is making us all a bit giddy with excitement.

Not just because of the opportunity to raise awareness for a good cause, but for the reasons we all go to the conferences: CEs, BFFs and toys.

The show floor is not the only place to find me this year, but when on the floor, our friends at Zoll have once again rolled out the blue carpet for First Responders Network.  Come meet me, Thaddeus Setla and Random Ward, Scott Kier (creator of the EMS 2.0 star logo) and many other EMS bloggers who often wander in and have trouble wandering away when we all get talking.

Even though you’ve seen myself and the Setla roaming the floor of other shows with the cameras in tow, this year we are the OFFICIAL video provider, so don’t be surprised if Thaddeus has to grab camera and split, just let him go.

This conference will of course be starting with the ZOLL Pre-Conference Blogger Bash taking place Tuesday Night at the Hard Rock Cafe on the third floor in the Iron Curtain Lounge.  8:30pm is the start and if the past has been any indication you’ll have a chance to talk with your favorite bloggers, podcasters and twitter junkies live and awkwardly in person!  ZOLL started the Pre-Conference bash at a table in a bar and in Baltimore this year it brought industry reps, publishers and even the non-social media inclined to see just what all the buzz was about.  And those rumors about Kelly Grayson singing karaoke right before the duet by Scott Cravens and AJ Heightman…that was a different party all together.

Wednesday starts the show and we’ll all be hustling to get as much knowledge crammed into our heads as possible between trips to the show floor to see what’s new in gadgets, gear and garments.  Grab a seat for the keynote at 10am from FEMA Deputy Administrator Rich Serino, brought to you by ZOLL.

Speaking of gadgets, thanks to the folks at RipShears, I have a few to give away FREE, but have yet to devise a clever way to distribute them.  Watch for details.

Gear wise, Magnum Boots will be on site offering their particular wares and be sure to hit the booth for your chance to get one of 50 Kilted to Kick Cancer T-shirts.  Magnum will also have some great new garments, I’ll be wearing them, come find me.


Thursday starts Kilted to Kick Cancer, the month long kilt extravaganza we hope will make men think about cancers specific to them before we get flooded with pink in October.  If you have a kilt, this is your day!  After a long day in classes and on the floor, grab some time by the pool and get ready for the big party- Hollywood Nights.  There’s a cost of $30 per person, but try finding a night out in Vegas for less than that.  Get gussied up and be there 630-11, and by “there” I mean Planet Hollywood at the Caesar Forum Shops.  I will be kilted after all it’s still September.

Friday will find me bright eyed and bushy tailed (in a kilt still) at 8AM presenting “Infiltrating Command to Effect Change” a little something I whipped up while going out as a PRN Supervisor this past year.  Grab a bite and some hair of the dog and come back for the 1:15 “How a Blog Saved my Life” when I’ll expand on the tale I tell in the opening scenes of Beyond the Lights & Sirens and tell you how all this blog crap actually keeps me from crumbling.  Seriously.


And remember everyone – What happens in Vegas…will likely end up on Facebook.



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