Kilted to Kick Cancer, our effort to raise awareness about male specific cancers throughout the month of September, has received extraordinary news!

Not only has Magnum Boots USA stepped forward in a big way, but we now have an official kilt sponsor: Altkilt

Someone on Motorcop’s facebook page suggested we take a look at their products and not only are they hand made in the USA, there was a link in their sidebar that caught my attention.  Kilted for kids’ cancerGo read their story, I’ll wait.


This match could not be more perfect.  The folks at Alt Kilts have a wide variety of products, even kid’s kilts for all sizes, shapes, needs and budgets.  From the basic grey to the elaborate welder’s kilt, each one is available custom designed for your lifestyle.  And for those of you conceal carry folks, I think they might just have something you’re looking for.


Follow them on facebook HERE and on the twitter machine HERE and tell them #kiltedtokickcancer sent you.  If you need a kilt, these are the folks we want you to call.  They may even be offering specials for folks who mention KTKC, more details soon.  This is a small company with a big heart and we’re excited to see where we can take this partnership!

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