Trying to get back to regular posting seemed difficult, but last night’s experience is too good not to share.

Just about to fall asleep, I hear glass shattering in my house.
It’s dark and the wife and kids are home, so I have to go see what made the sound. Maybe it was outside? We have new neighbors and with the recent heat the windows were open to the cool night breezes.

So if the windows are open…

Just as I turned down the hall towards the garage I hear more glass shattering and the cat bounds through the cat door from the garage and is past me almost before I process that the blur of orange fur was a cat.

Carefully I open the garage door, at that moment realizing the only glass in the garage is on the car. But on inspection all the windows are intact. Down in the corner I see a stain on the floor near where I keep my homebrewed beer.

My last batch ended up over carbonated, each bottle needing extra time to settle down when poured. not uncommon, really.
Apparently they built up so much pressure that with the heat of the day exploded, not just blowing the caps off, but completely shattering 8 of the 12 bottles in the case.

It broke my heart to open the remaining bottles outside, along with the one from the fridge, just to make sure they didn’t explode when one of the kids was nearby.


Now I just need to cook a batch for the new keg system!

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