screen capture of Season 3 Columbo

In 1968 a not yet crumpled rain coat wandered into a swanky flat where a murder had occurred carrying inside it a quiet young man who simply looked around.  The TV Movie “Prescription:Murder” was the debut of the world’s greatest homicide Detective Lt Columbo, played by Peter Falk.


Mr Falk died peacefully this morning in his home at the age of 83.


Lt Columbo always seemed to know more about the crime than he let on, the classic example of only asking questions you already know the answer to.  Rarely did he need all the fancy bells and whistles afforded to modern day Detectives, instead focusing on human nature and the fact that every criminal leaves clues, you just have to find them.  Each episode and every guest star was no match for the half chewed cigar and the signature rain coat with what inside seemed like a regular Joe Nobody.  Many a criminal dismissed him as incompetent but all knew that within 45 minutes we’d be hearing a full confession soon after Mr Falk delivered his signature Columbo line: “just one more thing…”


You will be missed Mr Falk.  I plan on watching “Prescription:Murder” again as soon as possible.



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