Thanks to the folks in the recent Santa Clara County Grand Jury, we now have positive proof that fire based EMS delivery using fire trucks is inefficient.




I was worried we would never discover the problems draining tax payer dollars.  Did they know we’ve known this for nearly 20 years?  All they had to do was call me, or just google it even.  Instead tax dollars were used to show tax dollars are being used inefficiently.

I guess all the murders, robberies and other court cases are all finished there in Santa Clara.  Good thing they don’t have a baseball doping case to worry about.

What the grand jury failed to do, perhaps it is not in their interests, is look beyond the “retirement costs” and perhaps look at the system and how to deliver what our pal Chris Kaiser dubbed EMS based EMS.  Looks like Santa Clara needs to stop and rethink things, then start from scratch.  Someone suggested that once…but I digress.

This grand jury report will be cited by every union basher come election time in an effort to privatize public safety accounts and likely not lead to any changes in the delivery of first response EMS in Santa Clara County.

The report fails to mention that the local private provider does not have enough resources to completely cover the district for first response ALS.

So now what?

Oh, I covered this topic 2 years ago.  What, you missed it?

Top 10 New Responders without the Fire Department

and then

Top 10 New Responsibilities of the Fire Department


Poking fun at a serious topic for sure, but until we get away from a fee for transport model, this thing will never work guys.  Fire based, mailman based, if we base our service on what we can get paid instead of how best to serve the community, the system will never work properly.


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