Missed Connections

YOU – Screaming about how we were fighting you, no shirt, significant head injury and intoxicated.  The things you said made my heart sing.  And by sing, I mean one of those heavy metal screaming songs no one listens to unless they have to.

ME – Dressed in yellow, kneeling on your shoulder dodging bloody spit.  In all the yelling I never got your name.  You only said you’d see us in court where you would, “Sue your ass for everything you’ll ever be!”


Let’s meet in court, I’d love to connect again, just let me know where and when.

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4 thoughts on “Missed Connections”

  1. Justin, not sure if you heard or not, but Farooq Muhammad (of EMS Anthem fame) has posted a new music video:

    “Blue Star-EMS”

    Just got uploaded 4 days ago. It’s damn good.

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