Funny you should ask…

I like it here in Dever at Zoll Summit.

I like talking to the rep that handles my Department’s monitors and ePCRs.  I like talking to the sales people about what’s new and improved in the line of products.  I like listening to presentations from speakers about the future of EMS technology and how, as one twitter follower asked, it’s getting smaller, smarter and cheaper.

I sent out a message yesterday morning asking you what you would change on your monitors if you could.  The responses were what we all expect, smaller, lighter, less cumbersome, better cables, but the one thing that was mentioned most was the ability to wirelessly transmit 12 lead ECGs to any destination regardless of proprietary tech on the receiving side.

When I read that I nearly shouted out loud in the presentation room.  Reason being that the speaker was discussing the launch today of ZOLL RescueNet 12-Lead, an open architecture, browser based transmission system that allows any person with log on credentials to view a transmitted 12-Lead anywhere they have an internet signal.

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2 thoughts on “Funny you should ask…”

  1. I personally like all of the suggestions. However, one minor annoyance with the LP15 that we use is that it alarms at everything. Poor quality signal (SPO2), Higher than normal levels of SPCO, etc. Sitting in a recent ConEd class, one of the instructors mentioned that Washington, DC and the metro area has higher than normal levels of CO (probably should’ve guessed that). That led me down the path that with the increased atmospheric CO, that my patients are likely going to present with what appears to my monitor as high SPCO. I know, treat the patient not the monitor. I just wish I could not have such a finicky monitor defibrilator when it comes to alarms. Other than that, I absolutely love my LP15. I frankly don’t mind the weight, the battery life is excellent, there is the capability to transmit (if my agency would ever integrate it with our receivings is another story).

  2. That’s good stuff. Not because if Zoll is doing it that will pressure Physio to do it. We’ve been hounding Physio to do this with Lifenet, or whatever they are call Code Stat this week for about five years. The answer has been “it’s coming”, but we haven’t seen it yet. Now, they have competitive pressure.

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